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Last Review Posted by Gary - posted: Thu January 10, 2008 21:57 [ Post a Review

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This thing is awesome. I used it on over a dozen deer this year and can't imagine life with out the Curve n' Cline. It's really the best invention for working up a deer since knives started being made of steel instead of stone.

Visit their website at

Rating: 10

Product Details: "Gambrel" by Gary - posted: Sun March 4, 2007 - Rating: ********** 10.00

Last Review Posted by Gary - posted: Thu February 1, 2007 17:47 [ Post a Review

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Rating: 8
Product Details: "2.5x8 Handgun Scope" by Gary - posted: Sun January 28, 2007 - Rating: ***** 4.50

Last Review Posted by Gary - posted: Thu February 1, 2007 17:42 [ Post a Review

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In my opinion, and a whole lot of others too, Freedom Arms guns are the most comfortable to shoot big-bore single action revolvers available. They are certainly unmatched in build. I have been told that if you have very large hands they are not quite as easy to shoot but I find it hard to believe any other brands are better because I've shot nearly all the others. The 500 W.E. is my limit on heavy recoiling revolvers but it is manageable with bullets up to about 1500 fps. My gun has a 7 1/2 inch barrel which is about the perfect length for a primary hunting revolver and it is not ported. It did have a trigger job from the factory. It's hard to believe, but it is lighter and smoother than the stock trigger.

This big .50 caliber is delivered in a manageable package, something that sets it apart from other fifties; you don't have to hire a gun bearer to haul it around.

Rating: 10

Product Details: "Model 83 - 500 Wyoming Express" by Gary - posted: Sun January 28, 2007 - Rating: ********** 9.57

Last Review Posted by Gary - posted: Thu February 1, 2007 16:54 [ Post a Review

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These are with out any doubt the best hunting pants I've ever worn. The thinsulate insulation is very comfortable to wear next to your skin and it isn't itchy like some other products. Couple these pants with some polypro long johns and they are perfect for sitting all day on a stand when the temperature dips down into the teens. Throw them on over a pair of shorts and they are perfect for hunting in country where it's cold at night and warm during the day. Of course they're also great to wear just by themselves. As you can tell from the photo above, the Realtree Hardwoods HD pattern is perfect for big-buck country where hardwoods are prevalent.

My first pair of Pro Gear thermals have been through numerous briars, fence crossings and countless whitetail hunts. They have also endured two trips to Africa and they are still going strong. I now carry two pair of Wrangler Pro Gear thermals in my bag on every cold-weather trip.

Note: A matching uninsulated cotton shirt is available too for about $35.00.

Rating: 10

Product Details: "Thermal Pants" by Gary - posted: Thu February 1, 2007 - Rating: ********** 10.00

Last Review Posted by Gary - posted: Sun January 28, 2007 19:15 [ Post a Review

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Weaver style rings are available for a number of different red-dot scopes and now there are some proper bases for the shorter red-dot application. The Edge Custom short-rib Weaver style bases are available for the Freedom Arms Model 83, the Magnum Research BFR, and the Ruger Super Redhawk. They are made from high-grade aluminum and bolt on without having to drill additional holes. Edge Custom also makes a number of other scope bases to fit Ruger revolvers and a holster guaranteed to accept a revolver of any barrel length with any scope, red-dot or open sight.

To attach the base on either the Magnum Research BFR or the Freedom Arms Model 83, the rear sight must first be removed. The base is then attached using existing mounting holes in the top-strap of the revolver. A flange on the bottom of the base fits precisely into the rear sight channel.

Rating: 8

Product Details: "Scope Mounts" by Gary - posted: Sun January 28, 2007 - Rating: ******** 8.00

Last Review Posted by Gary - posted: Sun January 28, 2007 19:08 [ Post a Review

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I was looking for something to secure a handgun in my vehicle when I come across one of those stupid gun laws that says I can't carry concealed. Initially I thought I wanted a steel container that I could mount somewhere in the vehicle, but after looking at what was available, I decided this mesh bag is a much better solution and it's portable.

This security container is a great value for the money. I especially like that I can take it when I travel and lock up my gun or other valuables in the hotel room or car when I'm not going to carry it. It probably isn't quite as secure as a steel vault type of container but it isn't nearly as conspicuous either. I can slide it under the seat of the car and it's completely out of sight.

Rating: 10

Product Details: "Exomesh Bag" by Gary - posted: Sun January 28, 2007 - Rating: ********** 10.00

Last Review Posted by Gary - posted: Sun January 28, 2007 19:05 [ Post a Review

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If you're like me there are a few guns in the safe that would benefit from the addition of some low power optics, like a red-dot scope. There is something about a sixgun that has to be pleasing to the eye as well as the hand. Balance is everything.

Given the relatively short range of an open sighted revolver, many hunters choose to mount some sort of optic on the gun to extend the effective range by 25 or 50 yards. While there are several good choices in traditional optics the red-dot scope should not be overlooked. Using a red-dot has definite advantages when the light is low or when quick target acquisition is a must. They also have a size & weight advantage over a traditional piece of glass, which can significantly alter the balance of a good sixgun, depending on the mounting position.

The Z-Point red-dot scope from Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has been around for a couple of years but it was initially offered only for the Picatinny rail system found on many tactical firearms. The good news is that itís now also available for the Weaver style base found on so many hunting handguns.

The Z-Point is unique among red-dot scopes in several ways. It attaches to the base using a heavy-duty push-button mechanism that allows it to be attached or detached in a second by simply pushing in the button. There are two small hex head set screws for additional security but Iím not sure they are really necessary except perhaps on the biggest of boomers. The Z-Point is also powered by a small solar cell on top of the housing that could save a hunt if youíre like me and never remember to have spare batteries on hand. The sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and has a light sensor that will alter the intensity of the dot as the ambient light fades or intensifies.

I have had this Z-Point mounted on a Magnum Research 500 JRH for only a few hundred rounds but it has held up very well to incredibly stiff recoil.

Rating: 9

Product Details: "Z-Point" by Gary - posted: Sun January 28, 2007 - Rating: ********* 9.00

Last Review Posted by Gary - posted: Sun January 28, 2007 16:37 [ Post a Review

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Archive Review

Current list price is about $100.

Product Details: "" by Gary - posted: Sun January 28, 2007 - Rating:

Last Review Posted by Gary - posted: Sat January 27, 2007 16:38 [ Post a Review

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Rating: 7
Product Details: "Neos" by Gary - posted: Sat January 27, 2007 - Rating: ******** 8.00

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