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Newsletter - June 17, 2008

Photo: Freedom Arms Single ShotA New Hunting Handgun!

Freedom Arms President, Bob Baker, recently attended the Cold Turkey 1000 Yard Handgun Shoot in Sundance, Wyoming with a new prototype single shot pistol that Freedom Arms intends to start producing. Ernie Bishop, a regular at Handgun Hunter Magazine, had an opportunity to shoot the gun and was suitably impressed. "It is an exceptionally easy to open break-open handgun with extraction working well every time I used it or saw it being used. It has a one piece base and ring that had been sloped (to aid in long range shooting). Personally, I like the aesthetics of the handgun, but that has never been an issue for me in terms of whether or not I would purchase a handgun. I want a handgun to be easy to use, functional, reliable, accurate, and capable of being used in a variety of venues: big game, varmints, and long-range field and bench shooting."

In some photos we've seen the gun had the appearance of being perhaps a little larger than what it actually is. Ernie noted, "It has clean lines (not real wide). The forend is free-floated which is vital as far as I am concerned for my uses and would also work well with a bi-pod. The design of the grip made the 357 Max's recoil be insignificant for me (no brake). I also shot a 44 mag revolver that Bob had with factory ammo and the grip design with the wood grip, caused me to question if it was down-loaded factory ammo."

To read more about the Cold Turkey Handgun Shoot and the Ernie's experience with the Freedom Arms single shot pistol click here to read the full article.

Reloading Database

We are also happy to announce that the Member's Only Reloading database is back. It currently has about 300 loads from the 218 Bee up to the 470 Nitro Express, although we're not quite sure who was crazy enough to shoot that in a handgun. More loads are being added all the time by the members at Handgun Hunter Magazine. You can login and access the database from the Member's Only page under the Services menu button.


Press Release - June 1, 2008

Handgun Hunter Magazine announces the launch of a new digital interactive magazine that is free to registered members. Like earlier print editions, the interactive format will feature stunning photography and articles by some of the most respected and well-known outdoor writers and handgun hunters from across the country including: J. Wayne Fears, Larry Weishuhn, Tim Christie, John Taffin, Dick Williams, Mark Hampton and others.

In addition to the interactive edition, the Handgun Hunter Magazine website also publishes a large volume of member provided articles on handguns, hunting, shooting, reloading, optics, and other outdoor related subjects. Other features of the site include a very active forum and member photo galleries of their latest game trophy or their newest handgun in the collection. Members can also upload handgun hunting related products for review and conduct reviews on products.

Viewers accessing the magazine will have to login to the site and set their web browser preferences to allow popups for because the magazine opens a special window to maximize the viewing dimensions. Users with a broadband internet connection will have the best experience but the magazine is available for downloading and can be sent to a personal printer for offline reading and archive.

To get access to the magazine register for free at

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