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There are three main types of articles that will be considered for publication: feature articles, product reviews, and technical articles. Quality photographs are important in getting an article published, especially a feature article. Photographs can be of the landscape, live animals, individuals involved in the hunt, or of the hunt itself. If the photograph is of an animal that has been taken by a hunter then small details like placing the animals toung back in its mouth and wiping off the blood are qualities of a good photograph.

Feature articles will primarily focus on handgun hunting. Articles should be approximately 1500 to 3000 words in length and can be chronological, entertaining, or humorous. As a general rule, submissions should include information so others can either learn from the article or re-create a similar hunt themselves. For example, if the hunt is about a guided bear hunt in Alaska, identify the outfitter and how to contact him or her, the approximate cost of the hunt and other pertinent information. The hunt doesn't have to be for large, dangerous, or exotic game. It can focus on any single species or a mixed bag of game.

Product reviews are an evaluation of a particular piece of equipment. A product review can be about anything related to the sport of hunting, however, some reference to how the product can benefit a handgun hunter would be a plus. Typically these types of articles are most effective when a comparison is made between the product being reviewed and other products that are of known quality or performance. This is particularly true in the case of new product evaluation.

Technical articles focus on techniques or processes that are more procedural in nature. Articles identifying load data should be chronographed whenever possible. Even though a particular load may not represent a "Max" charge in a particular gun it may be over the "Max" in yours. Safety First!

Submissions can be entered by clicking on Cool Stuff->Articles->Add A New Article. You'll be guided through the process it's very easy.. All articles are subject to approval usually within 24 hours.

Note: if you are not the owner of the original photograph do not submit it for publication; that is potentially a violation of Copyright law.

All rights reserved to edit manuscript and photographs for clarity and size.

As always, Safety First!

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