I bought Round One of my handgun scopes in the early 1990's when I got into Contenders. I bought Five 2-7X Burris scopes.
My next new handgun scope was a couple years ago when I returned one to Burris that was replaced with a new 2-7.
I have bought two more Burris 2-7's in the last two years. I was pretty impressed with the newer Burris Handgun Scopes. I picked up a used Leupold 4X in the last two years also.
My last 3 scopes for my Encore have all been Rifle Scopes.

If you buy a quality scope that is pretty much what you need. You will own it a very long time. One time purchase.

A lot of us have started running rifle scopes on longer range handguns which are getting more popular with us handgun hunters. This is also taking away from handgun scope sales.

I tend to run Red Dots (Ultra Dot & Match Dot) on Revolvers and shorter range handguns such as my 357 Maximums, and my Optima Muzzle Loader. I prefer scopes on my single shots.

Bob R
See You At The Range