Hello All, My name is John Harris and I am one of the lurkers you all know are out here observing and not contributing. This is my first post so Be Gentle! Ha!
I just recently started getting an Outdoor Cable Channel that is totally Muzzle Loader, Bow or Rifle hunting. These Shows are all terrific and I watch them way too much and still can't get enough. My reason for this post is to ask: Are there any programs dedicated to Handgun Hunting out there? I know NRA shows and Shooting USA do stories or features about Iconic Handguns and such but I am talking about shows that Only show Stalking and shooting game with handguns of all makes and models. If any exist please inform me. No, I do not consider Youtube a channel. Watched them all. There is not that many anyway. It would be Wonderful to see a show featuring JD Jones in Australia knocking over wild camels and other critters. Or WVHitman popping Groundhogs at long range with a 309 JDJ. I know I watch too much TV, but in SC in July its called self preservation. This is my favorite Site. What do You think?

John Harris
Semper Fi