As I've mentioned numerous times, the 460 S&W was the cartridge that got me into handgun hunting. Despite the issues I had early on as a result of trying to learn to shoot with such a potent round, I've always been fond of the cartridge. However, It's become quite apparent that the cartridge has a lot of potential that isn't quite utilized even in my massive 14" Performance Center Model 460.

For a few years now, I've toyed with the notion of building a 460 S&W Encore. I had traded for a used factory barrel, but I didn't like it much. Its thin taper and lack of a brake meant even reduced loads kicked a little more than I liked, to say nothing of full power loads. I'd wanted to have MatchGradeMachine make a barrel, but just had other things going on. This year, I decided to finally pull the trigger.

The original plan was to place the order at the end of summer and get it in early fall, but I had two things go in my favor. First, my tax refund was almost double what it was last year, and MGM was offering a decent discount, so I ordered the barrel earlier than intended. Also, I managed to sell off a bit of unused hunting and shooting equipment on Gunbroker. It just came in yesterday.

- 15" long barrel
- Full bull contour
- Big bore brake
- 1-20" twist
- Hexagonal fluting
- Steel picatinny base
- USMC red Cerakote

Additionally, this build utilizes a Nikon Force XR 2.5-8x28mm scope, a Pachmayr grip, and 12 gauge Flex-Tech forend.

MGM recommends against the 460 S&W on their website because people complain about their barrels being inaccurate, a sentiment I've seen shared by 460 Encore owners elsewhere online. They believe that weak aluminum mounting systems and less robust scopes are to blame. For that reason, I had them install a steel, supported picatinny-style, six hole base. Past experience has shown that my preferred scope, the Nikon Force XR, is more than capable of handling heavy recoil, but just to be safe I used two pairs of Warne Maxima rings.

This is probably going to be my last big build for a while, as well as one of my dream handguns, so I wanted to make it look good. The red on black look is one of my favorite aesthetics. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with how the build turned out.
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