What ever you use you want a dead Lion to hit the ground so choose your caliber & your bullet placement wisely.
What happens is once you tree your Lion you tie the dogs up in a safe spot & they keep going crazy all the time this is going on & then the shooter moves around until he gets a good look at the Lion & then the guide tells him to make a good shot, Bingo!
When I shot my Lion at about 5 feet or less with my S&W 357 & a Keith cast slug I easily took out both lungs, the Lion hit the ground, took one giant leap in the air & went limp in mid air & was dead.
Would a 327 Magnum have done as well, possibly, many Lions are taken locally with 22's when all goes well but as mentioned, you don't want to lose a dog that's worth a whole lot of money with a misplaced shot or an under powered gun. Your call, you're paying for the hunt & the dog if you mess up. A dog is built to chase, not kill, a Lion kills for a living & if he's wounded he will kill at least one dog before you can even blind, trust me.


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