I am not siding with anyone on this but I do want to bring up the point about bullets.
Sure we have read about the guy who used to hunt Mountain lions and shoot them with his 218 Bee in his 10" barreled Colt. I believe it was a Frontier model.
That is fine for him and I want to point out that, The 218 Bee and several other calibers we have enjoyed in Pistols started as Rifle calibers, and several came from an Era that when these calibers were offered, they were offered as Small game and varmint calibers. EX: 32-20, 25-20, 218 Bee, 22 Hornet, And the list can go on for awhile. And yes the Jordan Buck was killed with a 25-20 and I do know of several folks in Missouri that still use the caliber in a Rifle for Deer Hunting.
Shot placement is Paramount, and no one ever wants to talk about how many shots it took to bring down the animal or how far it had to be tracked. But they use RIFLES NOT pistols. Rifles being more precise in most hands, and better velocities with most ammo.
The second thing here is the bullet design and Type. I do not feel that we have much of an offering in Hunting bullets, and especially in a jacketed bullets for the 32 caliber.
JMHO,,, But if the 32H&R can use a 85gr XTP then why can't we have a 100gr or even a 115gr HP in a Jacketed bullet for the 327? The velocities should be more than adequate for the caliber.

Lets match the bullet and caliber to the Game. This is a Varmint cartridge. NOT a Medium Game cartridge.