I waited a long time to jump on the 327 bind wagon, to long! My mistake!

I wanted this for one gun for Varmint up to Coyote as well as edible small game. I found it! That long 140 grain Mihec bullet performs great out of that longer GP cylinder, and velocity and accuracy are just what I was hoping for, out 100 yards for my purpose. I have six chambers that shoot better than I could have hoped for,, and with lighter bullets pushed hard it shoots just as good.

As for Deer Ohio also restricts it's use for deer, thankfully! Not that our sportsman don't know better, but we have plenty that use the term sportsman far to liberally, and they do need it! As far as working for deer, I have no doubt at close range, under 50 yards it could do the job swiftly with good bullet placement. But then what would I need the bigger bores for.

For Varmint this will be the load, I have shot a couple possums and ground squirrel with it but yet to get a yote to cooperate. But for deer or hogs, I think I will continue to use the 45 Colt or 480, and soon a new 475 I am waiting on. But from here out for varmint smaller than the yotes this little 327 has proven worthy of the task.