A while back, Gregg Richter was taking donations in an attempt to save this great website. In an effort to enhance the donation participation, I told Gregg I would donate a custom knife build and everyone that donated would have a chance to win. Gregg did the drawing at the predetermined date and the winner was Mark Hampton.

Mark settled on a "Slim Hunter" model, but couldn't decided on scale material and suggested I just suprise him. So, after much thought, I decided to go with sheep horn - I mean, what better choice for the man that's "Addicted to Altitude". Sheep horn is one of those material that you never know what it will look like until it's complete. Some time they turn out extremely beautiful and some time just Ok.
This set turn out somewhere in between. The blade steel is 1/8" D2 and has a satin hand rubbed finish. It has mosaic pins and duplex liners of black and cinnamon.

I hope Mark likes it and it serves him well. He's getting it just in time for hunting season. I'm going to attempt to post photos with a cell phone -keep your fingers crossed.

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