I bought a Ruger Single Seven with a 7 1/2 inch barrel this year to compete in the local IHMSA Field Pistol matches. I was enticed by the rave reviews I found online. I was not disappointed .
I replaced the supplied ramp front sight with the silhouette front sight issued on the 10.5 inch Super Blackhawks.
This is the most accurate and well fitted Ruger I have ever owned. The great accuracy and flat trajectory make hitting targets easier. When others shoot the gun, they enjoy it.
The question of "What can I hunt with it?" obviously crossed my mind. I don't have the answer just yet.
I did have the chance to use my .327 on Franchise's forum hunt at Salt Creek Preserve in March. I took advantage of the unique opportunity to shoot a turkey with a handgun. The fine accuracy was definitely an asset. I used the Federal American Eagle 100 grain to make an approximately 70 yard head shot.

Note the bullet hole in the center of his head