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#209356 - 12/01/20 05:41 PM Red dot groups

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What kind of groups are you getting at 25,50 and 100 yards running a red dot sight? Please tell what kind of gun and ammo. Also post pics if possible. I'm looking at changing from a scope to a Burris FF3 on my Ruger SBHH in 44 mag.

#209433 - 12/05/20 10:44 AM Re: Red dot groups [Re: countryboy2441]
old hand

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Your shooting ability and the gun are going to have much more to do with your accuracy that the red dot will.
A sighted in red dot is perfectly capable of sub 3? groups at 100 yards out of a SBHH, but your gun, ammo, and shooter will need to do their parts as well.

#209434 - 12/05/20 01:13 PM Re: Red dot groups [Re: 98Redline]

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With my S&W 617 I have shot quite a few under 1" ten shot groups at 50 yards but the normal is 1-1/2" as I seem to have a couple of fliers. This is with a 3 mil dot. I also use a target that is slightly larger than the dot so I can see the edges.

#209441 - 12/06/20 12:52 AM Re: Red dot groups [Re: Teep]
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Depends a lot on the target and your eyes. I could stack 45-70 shots (overlaping holes) at 100 yards on the center target of a 5 up printed target. Couldn't see the other targets to shoot at them. Just centered the sig sauer romeo on the paper.

#210111 - 01/12/21 02:15 PM Re: Red dot groups [Re: karl]

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I just started using reflex sights on my handguns due to my age and eyes. I think some of the groups above are extraordinary. Not what you should expect. I am using one on a 454 Raging Bull and have been very happy with 2-3" groups at 50 yards off sand bags. You have to get used to the sight though, and adjust the brightness so you get the smallest, yet bright enough dot for the light conditions. More you shoot with it, the better you will get. Even shooting from a benchers has its challenges, so practice is good. Good luck.

#210113 - 01/12/21 02:23 PM Re: Red dot groups [Re: Huntrick]

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I got 2-3" at 50yds with my BH 44 mag. It had a Trophy TR25 3 Mil dot I believe.

Same gun would do that at 100yds with a 2X Burris so I think the 3 mil dot adds some movement to the mix-- also zero magnification.

I also have these on a couple 1911s. The Springfield 45 shoots 2" at 50yds all day long. You are lucky to get 8" out of the Rock Island 9mm at the same range.

Lot depends on the gun, load and the shooter.

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#210117 - 01/12/21 08:12 PM Re: Red dot groups [Re: H2OBUG]

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I shoot a Burris ff3 on my Ruger Redhawk 44 mag with a 4.25" bbl. groups vary with ammo PCSWC 240's running 1000fps are tack drivers. speer Deep curl 240's at 1250fps open up just a bit but there hasnt been an animal yet that has noticed 1/2" difference. That said 1.5-3" at 50 yards off of shooting sticks is common. consistent 1.5" off of the bench and bags. at 100 I am in the 3-6" depending on the day I am having and if I have to turn the dot all the way up and deal with dot bloom.
My wife's 6" Ruger gp-100 357 with a Burris FF3 mirrors this accuracy at the same ranges. 158 grn SWC at 1000fps for practice and 158 grn xtp at 1350fps.
Aging eyes pushed me to the red dot sights for hunting. being an accuracy snob pushed me to scopes. I use both, for different reasons. However if I have a handgun that I plan on pushing past 100 yards I will stick to the scope for the precision aiming point every time.
good luck on your decision.
still Dave Thomas, just an alias so the gov't dont find me

#210379 - 04/08/21 01:54 AM Re: Red dot groups [Re: gunslingerdad]

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I get one ragged hole groups @ 50 yards with a Burris FF1 on my 45 Colt Hunters. That load is: 25gr 4227 & 250 XTP’S @ 1150 fps

#210382 - 04/08/21 02:32 PM Re: Red dot groups [Re: Reloder28]

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My experience pretty much mirrors what's already been said. Aging eyes show now mercy.

I have a FF III on my Glock 40, a Bushnell on my 617 and another FF III on my 629 PC. 2-3 inch groups are the norm and probably a little better with the 617.

I probably wouldn't take a shot past 75 yards with a dot but that speaks more about my level of skill than anything wrong with the dots or the guns.

All of my shooting with them has been benched or sitting. I tried them/use them as they are lighter than a scope and don't add as much to the gun.


#210389 - 04/09/21 12:41 AM Re: Red dot groups [Re: jcp161]
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I just put a Fast Fire III on my S&W 8 shot 38 Super and it seems to work great. Shooting some very tiny groups with it, I think the Ground Squirrels will hate this combo.


#210390 - 04/09/21 12:16 PM Re: Red dot groups [Re: sixshot]
Bob Roach
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Your target will make a huge difference. I find that the best target is a Bright White round target such as a desert plate at 100 yards. For closer range check your pantry for cans to use as a template to cut down paper plates or card stock into circles.
I find that it is much easier to center the dot on a bright white target.
On accuracy I would guess that around 3 inches at 100 yards will be a pretty fair group after you get warmed up. I find that I am shooting much better after a few range sessions. About the same results as I get with a scope. I get better the more that I shoot.

Bob R
See You At The Range

#210428 - 04/14/21 03:40 PM Re: Red dot groups [Re: countryboy2441]

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Loc: North-Central Wyoming

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countryboy, I too was having difficultly getting decent groups at 100 yards with my 460 XVR.....until I was given a very good tip from another member here. I believe that it was Bob Roach that gave me the suggestion.

Make a bold circle on your target paper ( inside of circle not painted) just large enough for the dot to remain inside of the painted circle. I went from dismal to very happy results. I’m only measuring 4 shot groups, as I have a “charge hole” that throws a shot far out of group....every time! My last 3 groups have been under 3 1/2”, with the last group at 2 5/8”. For me.....those are outstanding groups!

I was initially concerned that my “homegrown” 400 grain, cast bullets simply wouldn’t shoot from my handgun. Pleased to report.....that is not the case!

I wish you as much success with your handgun, as I’m having with mine! memtb

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