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Established 2009
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Buffalo - with a h
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Award Overview

Why Create This Award?

The Challenge

The Strategy

Award Statue:

Award Criteria Summary:

Steps To Enter:

  1. Download the application package in PDF format to your computer and print it. (Coming Soon)
  2. Complete the application and get it back to us by December 1, 2009 along with a $35 processing fee and all supporting documentation. Entries received after the deadline will not be considered. You will need to have your whitetail or mule deer entry scored by an official Boone and Crocket measurer and you will have to submit photos of each animal that you are entering for consideration along with documentation that indicates the date of the kill. Only the entry for whitetail or mule deer is required to be scored. Only those animals taken with a handgun during the award period shall be considered for award points.

Selection Committee:

Gary Smith - Chairman

Gary is the founding publisher of Handgun Hunter Magazine and serves as the editor, photographer, programmer, and workaholic devoted to the magazine and website. He has been hunting with handguns for more than 25 years and has hunted in North America and Africa. He created the publication to promote the sport of hunting with handguns, to serve as a repository of information for the benefit of handgun hunters worldwide, and to demonstrate the safe and responsible use of handguns for sporting purposes. He is also a Life Sponsor of the Dallas Safari Club.
Read Gary's full bio ...

Melissa Bachman

Melissa is a small town girl from Paynesville Minnesota who has been hunting and fishing for nearly 18 years. She's only 24, but Melissa started at an early age thanks to her parents who brought her along in the duck blind and whitetail woods. Last fall Melissa spent over 90 days in the field, most of which were spent producing North American Hunter television. This fall Melissa doesn't plan on cutting back on her days in the field and her new adventures include handgun hunts in Arizona's unit 10 for elk, mule deer in South Dakota and elk in Colorado.
Read Melissa's full bio ...

J. Wayne Fears

Trapper, Eagle Scout, Hunter, Shooter, Explorer, Army Veteran and Author are just a few of the words that can be used to describe J. Wayne Fears. He has had over 4500 magazine articles and 20 books published. Voted into the Explorers Club in 1982 for his expeditions from the Arctic to the Amazon, Fears has walked across most of the lands between and hunted or trapped on the rest. "A child of nature" from Tater Knob, Alabama, J. Wayne Fears brings a lifetime of experiences that most of us only dream about. He has hunted on 5 continents and in all 50 states.
Read J. Wayne's full bio ...

Mark Hampton

Mark Hampton is one of those rare individuals who has hunted on six continents, encompassing over twenty three countries, with a handgun. Hampton has taken over 140 different species of big game, with a handgun of course. In seventeen trips to Africa he has taken the big five; four cape buffalo, three elephants, two leopards, plus lion and rhino. Hampton has also accounted for other hard-earned trophies from the dark continent including Lord Derby eland, bongo, yellow-backed duiker, forest and Zambezi sitatunga, among others.
Read Mark's full bio ...

Larry Weishuhn

One of the world's most respected wildlife biologists, outdoor writers and television personalities, Larry has served on staff with some of the finest hunting and shooting publications in the world including among others: Guns & Hunting, Deer & Deer Hunting, Handgunning, Shooting Times, Sports Afield, Whitetail Journal, Realtree Outdoors, Sporting Classics, GunHunter, Petersen's Hunting, Hunting Camp Journal, Handgun Hunter Magazine, North American Hunter and numerous others. Several of these he still serves on staff with or freelances to. His byline has also appeared in such publications as American Hunter, Outdoor Life and many, many others.
Read Larry's full bio ...

Dick Williams

Dick's handgun hunting world includes the US, Africa and Australia where he has taken a number of indigenous big-game animals with big-bore handguns, both revolvers and single-shots. In addition to the "standard" US big-game animals, his handguns have accounted for many of the large antelope in Africa, brown bear and caribou in Alaska, and buffalo in Australia. Missing from his handgun dream list are the Alaskan moose and Cape buffalo, something he hopes to correct in the next couple of years. Dick has been a free-lance writer for several of the outdoor magazines and is currently Handgun Editor of the NRA's commercial magazine, Shooting Illustrated.
Read Dick's full bio ...

DSC At-Large Member - more info coming soon!

Award Criteria Details

Category 1: Game taken with a handgun.

Category 2: Commitment to Wildlife Management

Category 3: Demonstrated Support For Hunting And Shooting Sports

Note: In addition to the recognition by the selection committee, categories 4 and 5 are designed to reward individuals who actively participate in the Handgun Hunter Magazine website ( and who are recognized by their peers in that community. A web page will be created for each applicant to illustrate the applicant's accomplishments as those accomplishments relate to the application process and categories 1 through 4.

Category 4: Contribution To The Sport Of Handgun Hunting Through Handgun Hunter Magazine

Category 5: Member Votes

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