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Alaskan Spring Bla
Alaskan Spring Black Bear

My mid-winter boar
My mid-winter boar  ( 2007 )

Cape buff with 500
Cape buff with 500 Wyoming

Defensive Use from
Defensive Use from Dangerous Game Using Revolvers

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A Brief History of the R.P.M. Pistol   2018-10-26
Manufacture of the Rex Merrill Pistol was taken over by Jim Rock’s company, Rock Pistol Manufacturing, in 1978. RPM began manufacturing the pistol that same year, and after making a number of improvements in the pistol’s design, Jim changed the name of the pistol from Merrill to XL in 1985.

Defensive Use from Dangerous Game Using Double-Action Revolvers   2019-05-19
An opinion-piece on the use of double-action revolvers for defense use against dangerous game world-wide.

Double duty handguns   2016-08-13
In the Aug. 1989 issue of Guns&Ammo Wiley Clapp wrote an article entitled "Double Duty Handguns"..... This is an extension of that write up.............

Gallagher .475 Single Action   2012-01-17
"I`ve always had an interest in owning a custom 5 shot Bisley conversion"....

The Fantastic Freedom Arms 654   2010-12-27
To quote John Taffin "This is not only the most accurate .41 Mag I have ever had in my hands, it is simply the most accurate revolver I have ever shot. Period."

2010 SWPA Long-Range Handgun Shoot   2010-05-05
The following article will decribe how men, young and old, come to the Jackson Township range in Armagh, Pa to shoot, converse, and share stories and lots of laughs. No one left disappointed!

Smith & Wesson Model 57 Classic   2009-08-16
Hunting with a revolver is a fantastic challenge and I couldn’t have been more excited to try out the new Smith & Wesson Model 57 on a feral hog hunt at the Drop Tine Ranch in Pearsall, Texas. I don’t know if it’s just their feisty attitudes I find entertaining or whether they stir some ancient ancestral hunting instinct, but I find hogs addictively fun to pursue with a handgun.

Your success depends on the right hunting equipment   2009-07-03
In ancient times, hunting was considered as a necessity and one of the essential activities for human survival. However, with the passing time that is in the recent years, hunting expeditions are no more considered as a necessity, but mere sport activity. To pursue this sport activity one needs to have a clear understanding on the right hunting equipment to use.

Which Way to Carnegie Hall?   2009-04-20
If you want to get good at shooting from field positions, you have to practice. One of the least expensive and most convenient ways to practice is with air pistols, which can be shot in many venues where firearms are forbidden and which cost only 1-3 cents per shot. In addition, the SteadyAim Harness makes an excellent platform for shooting in the field.

Ten Tips for Buying Hunting Gear   2009-02-25
Stop! If you are ready for a hunting adventure, you will need to take into account several items before starting your trip. First, you must check your hunting equipment to find out if you have packed all the essential tools and gear. If you notice that you have forgotten something, it is advisable to revise these ten tips before for buying hunting gear.

.500 WYOMING EXPRESS   2009-11-08
Gregg’s Model 83 shown with Red Dot Sight mounted. The loaded rounds with the corresponding bullets below them are left to right: 350 grain Hornady XTP/MAG, 370 grain WFNGC, 400 grain Keith type, and 440 grain WFNGC.

Information on a stolen Freedom Arms gun

Two American Classics   2009-01-09
The joining together of two classic American shooting icons, the Remington XP-100 and the .300 Savage.

Classic .22 Handguns by Colt and Smith & Wesson   2008-12-24
A classic is a high quality firearm that's no longer in production, at least in its original configuration. Classic handguns will always be popular and they can often be purchased in excellent condition. Many of us who have seen a number of seasons come and go still have dreams of Colt's Match Target Woodsman, Diamondback revolvers, High Standard's "The Victor", a S&W 22 Kit Gun or vintage Model 41. As these guns in pristine condition become increasingly difficult to acquire, the prices have followed the demand and you'll often pay over $2,000 for guns in 98-100 percent condition. Once you've handled and shot one of them, you'll only begin to understand the pistol smith's art and with one look at Colt's Royal Blue finish, you'll understand.

Rifle Scopes On Specialty Handguns   2008-12-20
A little over 20 years ago I was resting my Thompson Center Contender chambered in 222 Remington on the top of my hunting buddy's little Volkswagen Super Beetle with some homemade sandbags, preparing to make a shot on a prairie dog. It was a 10 inch barrel and I was using the 2.5 power scope that came with the barrel. Long shots were impossible given the low magnification, but in spite of that several dogs fell that day at just under 200 yards. That created a desire for greater magnification to be more precise in the field and on the bench. Even though I wanted more magnification, I was not able to think outside of the box and consider rifle scopes. Once I did, my long range handgunning aspirations became realized by using rifle scopes on specialty handguns.

Freedom Arms Break Open Pistol   2008-06-16
First of all, this handgun is a prototype. Second, having never met Bob Baker I had no expectations other than I knew he has always made a quality/accurate product. My old FA 454 was extremely accurate and always reliable. I sold it out of a need for funds, but I kept the brass & dies in hopes of someday getting another one. Spending time with Bob this past week caused me to appreciate the man behind the product. He is a no-nonsense kind of a man, who is thoughtful, and is not going to make promises about a product that is not ready to go to production yet. He does not talk over your head and I never saw him trying to “sell” his product. He was more interested in what people had to say about those who were handling and shooting it. When it came to LR shooting with it... read more.

My Time With Bill Grover   2008-07-28
James Swidryk reflects on his time spent with Bill Grover at the YO Ranch. Texas Longhorn Arms produced some fine and very unique guns over the years. Perhaps the most sought after is the #5 Improved version Grover styled after Elmer Keith's #5 revolver.

The Snipe Pod   2008-06-20
The problem of holding a gun steady has plagued hunters and shooters for as long as there have been guns. Handgun hunting, like any other type of hunting, finds the targets to be of varying size at varying distance and frequently moving. Obviously, you don't need to be as steady when shooting at a moose as you would need to be when shooting at a prairie dog but using some sort of rest whether it's natural or mechanical is almost a requirement once distances go beyond 75 or 100 yards. At closer ranges, larger animals aren't too hard to hit (most of the time) but small varmints can be very difficult if you don't have some way to steady the gun. The various shooting techniques notwithstanding, many hunters choose to use the aid of a mechanical device like the bipod or shooting sticks to steady their aim and reduce the risk of wounding an animal.

2008 Handgun Blastn'Blab Shoots and Competitions   2008-02-25
A run down of the member organized handgun shoots and competitions. Some are more formal than others but they're all great fun.

Project Bisley   2008-01-30
Like many of my friends, I have purchased a Ruger Bisley for the purpose of having it converted to a five-shot custom revolver chambered for either the .475 or .500 Linebaugh cartridges. I chose a revolver chambered in .44 magnum so I could shoot it while saving up the money for conversion.

Hunting Revolvers   2008-01-30
Hunting big game with a handgun is a challenging and rewarding experience. Be it with a single-shot chambered in a bottlenecked cartridge capable of delivering long-range accuracy or a big-bore revolver using either open-sights or a scope. Personally I find the latter much more challenging. I'm not knocking the single-shots. I still use them and have owned several over the years chambered in a number of cartridges from the 17 Remington up to and including the 45-70 Government.

The Super Blackhawk Hunter   2008-10-23
Ruger, long recognized for firearm innovation developed a dovetail scope mounting system for their rifles so it was a natural progression to apply the same system to a revolver. The Super Blackhawk Hunter differs from the standard version in that it has a heavy solid ribbed barrel, round trigger guard, and laminated wood grips. The barrel rib is machined to accept the dovetail scope rings found on other Ruger firearms. This design places the scope out over the barrel and balances out this rig nicely, also helping to tame the recoil.

Mag-Na-Port Custom Super Blackhawk   2008-01-28
I checked out Mag-Na-Port's web site and saw all of their custom options for a Blackhawk. I liked the Predator but didn't want the barrel that short. I had handled a 5 inch factory Blackhawk that felt pretty good. I decided to go with a 5 1/4 inch barrel length. I also decided on several other options; I wanted an action job, magnaport, cylinders numbered, inverted muzzle crown and the Ruger warning removed from the barrel. I boxed it up and off it went. Now the long 3 month wait began.

Some New Guns In '04   2008-01-14
While it may be tough to follow last years introduction of the 500 S&W for innovation, this may be the year the pendulum swings the other way. Freedom Arms and Ruger attended the Safari Club International convention in Reno, Nevada this month and they each had some new guns to show off.

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