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DIY European Mount   2018-10-26
Occasionally, a hunter kills a deer that may be handsome or unusual, but not especially large. Or, maybe it is a kid’s first deer. They may not be record book animals, but they still represent memorable hunting experiences, although not quite memorable enough to justify an expensive mount. Here's how to create your own European mounts at home for a few hours work and minimal cash expense.

Bacon Basted Rolled and Stuffed Venison Roast   2018-10-26
You most often see lattice work coverings for pies made from dough. You are going to make a lattice from bacon, which will both baste and season the roast, and will also make a very attractive presentation.

Fighting for my life   2018-07-18
Esophageal cancer diagnosis to a big bore enthusiast

Terminal results of XTP and Swift   2015-08-09
The average weight and expansion of recovered 41 mag bullets from game....

Working Up A Load   2008-11-13
If you read part one (Case Prep) and have made it this far, you know I have a matched and prepped set of cases that are ready for the next step in the reloading process. In this part we’ll discuss reloading data, component selection, and components assembly. It is now time to select the components that will make up our test rounds. The key to selecting components for successful reloads is having access to good reloading data. There is plenty of reloading data offered on the Internet from the major component manufacturing firms as well as individuals that have websites of their own. This is all fine and dandy, but in my opinion nothing will ever replace a good current edition hardcopy, reloading manual. The manual you select should depend on the bullet you plan to shoot or what is available in your area.

Prepping Your Cases   2008-07-20
I have been reloading my own ammunition for about six years. The first cartridge that I rolled my own for was the ever-popular .44 Magnum. That summer several hundred rounds of this caliber were processed through a RCBS press. Through reading reloading manuals and articles in shooting magazines, I learned how to keep my cases trimmed, sized, and chamfered.

Best Contender Barrels - Custom or Factory?   2008-01-30
One of the major advantages of Thompson/Center's remarkable Contender pistol is the ease with which different calibers may be selected. Merely by changing barrels, with sights attached, a shooter has a pistol of an entirely different caliber. The factory alone produces barrels in two dozen or so different chamberings, from the universally useful .22 LR all the way through the mighty .45-70. There's even a .410-bore shotgun barrel. Fox Ridge Outfitters, T/C's official customhouse, lists many more, including many formerly listed by T/C but since discontinued in favor of more popular sellers.

Why Reload Your Own Ammo For Handgun Hunting?   2008-01-28
First and foremost in my mind is for the sheer pleasure of it. If you enjoy the nuts and bolts of hunting, which most handgun hunters do, you know how all the details are just as enjoyable as the hunt itself. The extra practice required, the extra patience in waiting for the perfect shot and the extra margin of error you have to fight to get your game. You love these things, else you would be toting a rifle. The fun of planning a load, rolling it and testing it makes the success of the hunt more enjoyable.

Contender & Encore Estimated Manufacturing Dates   2008-01-28
Contender & Encore estimated manufacturing dates through 2000

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