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Good Time in Texas
Good Time in Texas

Africa with the 35
Africa with the 358JDJ Contender - Part I  The Glen Boyd Plantation

Best Contender Bar
Best Contender Barrels - Custom or Factory?

2008 Handgun Blast
2008 Handgun Blastn'Blab Shoots and Competitions

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Practice doesn't make perfect but it sure helps.   2021-01-05
If you want to succeed as a handgun hunter practice.

Decisions for Versatility   2021-01-05
When choosing a primary hunting handgun getting the most bang for your dollars.

7 day`s in New Mexico   2018-11-07
Mule deer and western diamondback rattlers taken with handgun.

DIY European Mount   2018-10-26
Occasionally, a hunter kills a deer that may be handsome or unusual, but not especially large. Or, maybe it is a kid’s first deer. They may not be record book animals, but they still represent memorable hunting experiences, although not quite memorable enough to justify an expensive mount. Here's how to create your own European mounts at home for a few hours work and minimal cash expense.

Bacon Basted Rolled and Stuffed Venison Roast   2018-10-26
You most often see lattice work coverings for pies made from dough. You are going to make a lattice from bacon, which will both baste and season the roast, and will also make a very attractive presentation.

A Brief History of the R.P.M. Pistol   2018-10-26
Manufacture of the Rex Merrill Pistol was taken over by Jim Rock’s company, Rock Pistol Manufacturing, in 1978. RPM began manufacturing the pistol that same year, and after making a number of improvements in the pistol’s design, Jim changed the name of the pistol from Merrill to XL in 1985.

Bow Hunting With a Handgun   2018-10-25
Using a handgun like a bow adds fun to your time afield.

Fighting for my life   2018-07-18
Esophageal cancer diagnosis to a big bore enthusiast

Defensive Use from Dangerous Game Using Double-Action Revolvers   2019-05-19
An opinion-piece on the use of double-action revolvers for defense use against dangerous game world-wide.

Unanswered Prayers   2017-11-22
A boy gets his first hog and dad gets to try a new load in the "hand cannon."

Last Day, Last Hour, Halloween Pronghorn Doe   2017-11-20
Most doe antelope are “bald headed;” that is they do not have horns. A horned doe is even considered a bit rare, and to intentionally hunt a SPECIFIC one, with a handgun, that you have been told about is a challenge far greater than hunting a Trophy Pronghorn Buck.

To find out "WHY?" and to see if Gregg gets the "Trophy Doe" he hunts for, please read on!


I then showed Jody my Encore .308 handgun and he exclaimed “You're going to try shooting a Bull Elk with that? You’ll need to borrow my 7mm mag rifle because when you find an elk you're going to have to shoot him from ridge to ridge.”

Maine bobcat   2017-01-24
My first bobcat......................

Hunting the Hill Country   2017-01-23
January 2017 will be our fourth trip to Bandera Texas to hunt with Tommy Ryno in what has become an annual tradition to hunt the hill country over the New Years holiday. This year we have seven in our party and the group seems to grow a little each year. As you can see from some of the photos of past hunts we have taken some great animals. Almost any hunt in the Texas Hill Country will include many options for whitetail, exotics, hogs, predators and varmints.

Little Gun Invitational Antelope Hunt 2014   2016-10-11
Closing in on my intended shooting position with tunnel vision and a singular focus, something threatens to break my concentration. I think I hear my father in a strange half shout/half whispered voice warning me ‘To your right!’. It worked, so I glanced back to his voice in total disbelief, and gestured that the buck was down the other side of this ridge directly in front of me. He repeated ‘To your right!’. Totally sure of myself, I poked my head up to locate the buck that I ‘knew’ was there...

When the fall weather turns Colorado's aspens to brilliant gold and ablaze with orange, the bull elk start bugling and the bow hunters and muzzleloader rifle hunters get their opportunity. But what about hunting a big bull with a muzzleloading HANDGUN?

Start 'em early   2016-09-23
Taking kids hunting is a powerful thing. Do it every chance you get!

A Contender Buck   2016-09-06
Fledgling handgun hunter takes a mature whitetail with his T/C contender after watching him fight off 3 other "contenders" for the prize doe.

Double duty handguns   2016-08-13
In the Aug. 1989 issue of Guns&Ammo Wiley Clapp wrote an article entitled "Double Duty Handguns"..... This is an extension of that write up.............

Listening for the Train   2016-08-13
I have been working on putting my hunting experiences together for my children to have after I am gone and thought the first chapter may bring back childhood memories for other members here.

February Hog Hunt   2016-03-10
Handgun hog hunt in the low country of South Carolina.

Ice age tusker   2016-01-18
My first boar for 2016

South African Safari with a Contender 358JDJ - Part 3 - Warthogs   2015-08-09
Hunting plains game in South Africa with my Contender 358JDJ.

Terminal results of XTP and Swift   2015-08-09
The average weight and expansion of recovered 41 mag bullets from game....

Right and wrong place to hit a boar   2015-04-03
For any new handgun hunters you will find that if you place your shot in a vital area you will get your animal. If you don`t a long tracking job will be next. That is if you do not lose the animal. This is what happened to me while hunting my 61st and 62nd boar....

Handgun'n Black Bear In Maine   2015-03-18
Hunting black bear has been on my “to do” list for a long time. It’s an animal that’s on the protected species list, in my home State of Mississippi. Hopefully, one of these days, there’ll be a huntable population here; but until then, I’ll have to go abroad.

Africa with the 358JDJ Contender - Part II - The Open Plains   2015-02-22
Part 2 of my 2014 South African safari - Hunting for Blesbok and Blue Wildebeest with my TC Contender in 358JDJ.

Emergency survival - polar bear with a 38   2015-02-22
an iron sight Colt .38 revolver and 100 rounds of ammo were part of the Arctic survival kit....

Africa with the 358JDJ Contender - Part I The Glen Boyd Plantation   2015-02-22
Story covering the first several days of my recent South African Safari where I take an Impala and a Kudu with my TC Contender.

Kudu Dreaming   2014-09-15
Meeting the challenge of stalking Kudu in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Trophy Hunting in Namibia from the 1960s to the Present Day   2014-08-10
Today Namibia has become one of the most popular trophy hunting destinations in Southern Africa. This is due in part to its political stability and diversity, a well-developed infrastructure, the ease with which hunting rifles may be temporarily imported into the country, and the friendliness and warm hospitality of the people. The key component, however, is Namibia’s land-use and game-management policies, which have created great and healthy populations of game and which enable three basic types of sustainable trophy hunting. As well, Namibian hunting professionals are recognized as among the best trained and most ethical in the world. This is largely due to the high certification standards set by Namibia’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the self-policing work of the Namibian Professional Hunting Association.

This paper concludes that ethical, fair chase and selective trophy hunting has proved to be a successful conservation tool as well as the most lucrative form of commercial and communal land utilization in Namibia, with obvious ecological as well as economic benefits.


The Land of Endless Stars   2014-08-10
In July 2014 we traveled to the African independent nation of Namibia - the land of endless stars and the most wonderful people. Larry Weishuhn, his cameraman Andrew Garay, and myself traveled to Namibia on their invitation to address the government regarding a change of law to allow handgun hunting.

Cape buff with 500 Wyoming   2014-07-13
Never thought I would see Africa ever again and then I retired. The hell with it... One more time......

Freedoms in The Land of Lincoln   2014-03-02
My first handgun hunt in Illinois turned out to be a very memorable hunt.

Nilgai and Woodleigh bullets- A first for both....   2014-01-16
Nilgai and Woodleigh bullets- tougher then I expected...

Buffalo and Lion From Kruger To The Kalahari   2013-12-11
Members Gary Smith and Mark and Alex Key travel to South Africa for a dangerous game hunt with Bobby Hansen Safaris. Gary and Mark would hunt Cape buffalo and lioness while Alex would try for lioness and some plains game. The buffalo area joined Kruger Park and was near the town of Phalaborwa while the lion would be a tracking hunt in the Kalahari desert near the town of Ganyesa, only a few miles from Botswana.

Rocky Mountain Elk   2013-03-12
Hunting the regal bull elk with a custom revolver.

First blood for 10mm Glock   2013-01-20
MO alternative arms season success

The Original .44 Remington Magnum   2012-11-24
"The new Peters "High Velocity" 44 Remington Magnum".....

The Target Bulldog   2012-08-14
Hunting on a perfect day..

Gregg tries out the Leupold Deltapoint on his .454 Casull.

Two old hunts   2012-06-30
An older hunter reflects on his fledgling handgun hunting.

Hunting with Doug Wesson and the .357   2012-05-23
You could say that Doug Wesson and his companies new .357 Magnum started the ball rolling by mainstreaming handgun hunting to the sporting public with his 1936 Outdoor Life article about his Wyoming adventure....

Gallagher .475 Single Action   2012-01-17
"I`ve always had an interest in owning a custom 5 shot Bisley conversion"....

Self-filming and Hunting An Elk With a Custom .475 Linebaugh Revolver

Good Time in Texas   2014-10-23
I never expected to have had such a good time as we did during our recent hunt in Texas..

Tag Team Tag Out.   2011-10-16
A Father And Son Hunt, Too Long In The Making.

The first LGI Antelope hunt, short-n-sweet, we hunted for a total of approximately 5 hours.


A good start in Missouri   2011-10-12
Mo Urban deer season starts fall hunting well.

A nerve wracking antelope hunt   2011-10-10
Killing an antelope was not as easy as I thought it would be.

My "Dream" Bear Hunt   2011-09-26
29 years ago, a black bear hunt in Maine with Foggy Mountain Guide Service was just a dream. Good things come to those who wait!

Trophies - In The Eye Of The Beholder   2011-06-15
Do your trophies measure up? Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder while others only see beauty if they have the biggest and best.

Double Boar Saturday by Swift Bullets   2011-05-03
Swift A-Frame handgun bullets are a perfect substitute for the discontinued Nosler Partitions...

King of the Woods   2011-03-30
"I realized that my impression of this magnificent buck was getting the best of me as I considered letting him just walk by"

The other handgun hunting books   2011-02-17
There are many books that were published and contain sections on handgun hunting that are available for your enjoyment and these are just a few....

The Fantastic Freedom Arms 654   2010-12-27
To quote John Taffin "This is not only the most accurate .41 Mag I have ever had in my hands, it is simply the most accurate revolver I have ever shot. Period."

Till Case Do Us Part   2010-12-08
A real Single Shot Hunt

Sika in the Rain   2010-11-09
A Contender's first blood.

The Missouri Expadition   2010-10-25
Our Missouri hunt

Buffalo - with a handgun   2010-07-11
We arrived Harare – and after 1,5 hour with a charter – Corris and Rod Ferreira wished us welcome to their camp – which was close to Lake Kariba. Because of a misunderstanding – they did not know that I should hunt with a revolver. They had no experience with handgun hunters – and no experience with my little cartridge. Therefor – there was no positive comments to receive!

Aoudad with a .41   2010-06-29
A red sheep hunt turn into a successful aoudad hunt at the White Elk Ranch. Using a Freedom Arms in 41 Remington Magnum, the author takes a fantastic aouad

The Three P's Of Handgun Hunting   2010-05-31
The hunt, the friends, the memories of that once in a lifetime elk.

2010 SWPA Long-Range Handgun Shoot   2010-05-05
The following article will decribe how men, young and old, come to the Jackson Township range in Armagh, Pa to shoot, converse, and share stories and lots of laughs. No one left disappointed!

Time to Call My Camera Crew!   2010-03-15
The 2009 season started out slow but in an 8 day span in November I shot my biggest buck with a bow and a nice 7 pointer with my anniversary present. The best part of all it was I got to share it all with my family.

Sweet first sucess   2010-01-05
My first deer taken with my S&W 460XVR.

Second chance buck   2009-12-19
It was the last day of my deer hunting and I wanted a buck.

New Turkey Tactics   2009-11-17
Turkey at 200 yards...with a handgun!! I admit that my methods of turkey hunting may be a little different when compared against the norm, but I sure do have fun!!! There is nothing like sitting along a hedgerow as a sniper with shooting gear ready to rock’n’roll and glassing for distant feathered targets.

Winchester Dual Bond 454 Casull   2009-11-16
Perhaps I watched too many cowboy movies in my youth but shooting a silver bullet in a single action revolver makes me smile. There isn't much call for real cowboys anymore but not to be denied, I began hunting with handguns more than 25 years ago and have lost count of how many big-game animals I've taken with pistols and revolvers. When it comes to big-bore, straight-walled cartridges, I have come to prefer a jacketed, expanding bullet when hunting all but the very largest game. One reason for this is that jacketed bullet technology has come such a long way in the last decade.

Spring Hunting in Arizona   2018-02-21
At the shot the javelina dropped out of sight, and I saw the rest of the herd scatter. I called to my brother to follow me up to the top of the embankment...

Montana Pronghorn Hunt   2009-11-07
"Antelope!" I yelled as my dad quickly spun to look in the direction I was glassing...

Snowstorm boar   2009-11-08
23.0grs of H-110 going off at sunset does not help your night vision....

Blown Away   2009-11-08
It's easy to get caught up in the hype and read too much, it's better to get out there and do it.

Gerry and Mike's Elk Hunting adventure   2009-11-04
Handgunning for Elk with a TC Contender in 375JDJ and Gerry's custom 16" Enocre 375 Holland and Holland Magnum!

My first Monster Ram   2009-08-28
Hunting a monster four-horn ram at a hunting ranch is a great thing in itself, but it also allows you to test equipment before going out hunting in the real woods. Given the lack of free-ranging monsters of this kind, if you want a four-horned wallhanger this is about the only way to get it...

Smith & Wesson Model 57 Classic   2009-08-16
Hunting with a revolver is a fantastic challenge and I couldn’t have been more excited to try out the new Smith & Wesson Model 57 on a feral hog hunt at the Drop Tine Ranch in Pearsall, Texas. I don’t know if it’s just their feisty attitudes I find entertaining or whether they stir some ancient ancestral hunting instinct, but I find hogs addictively fun to pursue with a handgun.

Lucky then good   2009-08-03
I`am an OK shot with a handgun,not great but I get by.Thats why when I make a great shot I keep my mouth shut.

Shiras Moose   2009-12-01
The time was almost 10 years ago, September 1999, and the goal was to take a Shiras, bull moose using my Freedom Arms 454 Casull. After four days of nothing, I thought I`ed be going home without a moose.

Good Day/ Bad Day   2009-07-07
I wanted to compare terminal ballistics between cast versus jacketed bullets in .475 on a some large boar.

Your success depends on the right hunting equipment   2009-07-03
In ancient times, hunting was considered as a necessity and one of the essential activities for human survival. However, with the passing time that is in the recent years, hunting expeditions are no more considered as a necessity, but mere sport activity. To pursue this sport activity one needs to have a clear understanding on the right hunting equipment to use.

.500 Muley Buck   2009-11-08
Gregg hunts a mule deer buck in open country with a Freedom Arms revolver in .500 Wyoming Express. How can he get close enough to use a revolver fitted with a Red Dot sight? And how will that big .500 slug perform? You will like the surprise ending.

Which Way to Carnegie Hall?   2009-04-20
If you want to get good at shooting from field positions, you have to practice. One of the least expensive and most convenient ways to practice is with air pistols, which can be shot in many venues where firearms are forbidden and which cost only 1-3 cents per shot. In addition, the SteadyAim Harness makes an excellent platform for shooting in the field.

Ten Tips for Buying Hunting Gear   2009-02-25
Stop! If you are ready for a hunting adventure, you will need to take into account several items before starting your trip. First, you must check your hunting equipment to find out if you have packed all the essential tools and gear. If you notice that you have forgotten something, it is advisable to revise these ten tips before for buying hunting gear.

Bring Your Hunting Equipment in Good Shape before the Big Day   2009-02-25
Deer hunting is an activity in which deer are pursued and killed. It began as early as 7000 BC. There are different varieties of deer, which are hunted. People choose the variety they want and go for it. Hunters may stalk the deer by following the signs and trails of the deer, or waiting where deer are likely to travel or by flushing deer towards a line of hunters. They may even use dogs to drive the deer out of their bedding place to a place where the a hunter can get a shot.

My mid-winter boar ( 2007 )   2009-02-17
There is nothing better for a city boy to do on a cold winter weekend then to hunt for boar. The temperatures hovered in the low 20's but we were undeterred and had a great hunt taking boar, a corsican, and a black Hawaiian ram.

.500 WYOMING EXPRESS   2009-11-08
Gregg’s Model 83 shown with Red Dot Sight mounted. The loaded rounds with the corresponding bullets below them are left to right: 350 grain Hornady XTP/MAG, 370 grain WFNGC, 400 grain Keith type, and 440 grain WFNGC.

Information on a stolen Freedom Arms gun

Staying Focused   2009-01-25
When I decided to become a handgun hunter I found out that that was the easy part,making the commitment to a simple purpose.The next part of the process was difficult,caliber choice.I had shot several different calibers,and proceeded to read about every reasonable option to a hunter.There are multiple options available.In the beginning I suggest that you pick a caliber and stick with it for a while.At least until you are comfortable.The folks on this great website allowed me to pick their brains,for which I am thankful.There is someone on here that owns,shoots,or has shot about every caliber known to man.And they will honestly answer every question you have,Thanks to you all.

Texas Axis Hunt   2009-01-29
I had been dreaming of an Exotic hunt in Texas for quit some time. So, after a couple years of rat-hole’n some folding money, I had enough saved up to go on my first Texas hunt.

Long Range Ram   2009-02-01
As I topped the saddle, maybe a thousand feet or so above timberline, I immediately knew I’d screwed up. Maybe there was too little oxygen getting to my brain at 12,000 ft. or something, but whatever the reason, I’d silhouetted myself momentarily, and of course, when hunting, momentarily is often long enough.

I crouched down then, put the binoc. to my eyes, and quickly realized my worst fears. About 500 yds. to my right a 3/4 curl bighorn ram was staring a hole right through me.


Two American Classics   2009-01-09
The joining together of two classic American shooting icons, the Remington XP-100 and the .300 Savage.

Classic .22 Handguns by Colt and Smith & Wesson   2008-12-24
A classic is a high quality firearm that's no longer in production, at least in its original configuration. Classic handguns will always be popular and they can often be purchased in excellent condition. Many of us who have seen a number of seasons come and go still have dreams of Colt's Match Target Woodsman, Diamondback revolvers, High Standard's "The Victor", a S&W 22 Kit Gun or vintage Model 41. As these guns in pristine condition become increasingly difficult to acquire, the prices have followed the demand and you'll often pay over $2,000 for guns in 98-100 percent condition. Once you've handled and shot one of them, you'll only begin to understand the pistol smith's art and with one look at Colt's Royal Blue finish, you'll understand.

Texas Elk   2008-12-21
Buffalo Creek is a ten mile by five mile ranch 100 miles northwest of San Antonio in the hill country of Leaky, Texas (the Texans call them hills while I consider them small mountains). The dirt roads cover about 10%% of the operation while the rest has to covered by foot. The elk herd that inhabits the ranch has been there for sixteen years giving rise to good quality bulls of which I only saw two. On the first day we spotted a nice bull at sundown as he drank from a pond near the lodge; he was gone within 10 seconds.

First Handgun Deer   2008-12-20
Member Matt Rosamilia sent this note along with the picture and I thought I would share it with the rest of the members and visitors here at Handgun Hunter Magazine. Matt's experience on his first handgun deer is much like the passion the rest of us experience who enjoy this sport so much.

Rifle Scopes On Specialty Handguns   2008-12-20
A little over 20 years ago I was resting my Thompson Center Contender chambered in 222 Remington on the top of my hunting buddy's little Volkswagen Super Beetle with some homemade sandbags, preparing to make a shot on a prairie dog. It was a 10 inch barrel and I was using the 2.5 power scope that came with the barrel. Long shots were impossible given the low magnification, but in spite of that several dogs fell that day at just under 200 yards. That created a desire for greater magnification to be more precise in the field and on the bench. Even though I wanted more magnification, I was not able to think outside of the box and consider rifle scopes. Once I did, my long range handgunning aspirations became realized by using rifle scopes on specialty handguns.

Field Shooting Positions That Work   2009-10-03
Hunters who are new to handgun hunting often struggle with holding the gun steady. Part of the issue, for those used to shooting rifles, is the appearance of being much more steady with the long guns and their mind is telling them this won't work — don't shoot. The other part of the problem is simply a matter of learning what shooting positions do work best for the handgun hunter. To be ready for any situation you should practice each of these shooting positions and their variations. If you master them all you'll be a great field shot and your friends will wonder how you do it.

Most Challenging Sport?   2008-12-08
Handgun'n for Spring Turkey, could this be the most challenging hunting sport? Try it this coming spring and you decide.

Working Up A Load   2008-11-13
If you read part one (Case Prep) and have made it this far, you know I have a matched and prepped set of cases that are ready for the next step in the reloading process. In this part we’ll discuss reloading data, component selection, and components assembly. It is now time to select the components that will make up our test rounds. The key to selecting components for successful reloads is having access to good reloading data. There is plenty of reloading data offered on the Internet from the major component manufacturing firms as well as individuals that have websites of their own. This is all fine and dandy, but in my opinion nothing will ever replace a good current edition hardcopy, reloading manual. The manual you select should depend on the bullet you plan to shoot or what is available in your area.

Surreal @ 15 yards   2008-10-19
At that moment I realized this was now turning into a handgun affair

Freedom Arms Break Open Pistol   2008-06-16
First of all, this handgun is a prototype. Second, having never met Bob Baker I had no expectations other than I knew he has always made a quality/accurate product. My old FA 454 was extremely accurate and always reliable. I sold it out of a need for funds, but I kept the brass & dies in hopes of someday getting another one. Spending time with Bob this past week caused me to appreciate the man behind the product. He is a no-nonsense kind of a man, who is thoughtful, and is not going to make promises about a product that is not ready to go to production yet. He does not talk over your head and I never saw him trying to “sell” his product. He was more interested in what people had to say about those who were handling and shooting it. When it came to LR shooting with it... read more.

Alaskan Spring Black Bear   2008-09-21
"The hardest thing for me to get used to was how very long the daylight hours were".

6.8 SPC Buck   2008-09-08
My best handgunned whitetail buck to date was taken with the 6.8 SPC — a fine little deer cartridge!

My Anniversary Gift   2008-09-08
With one complete season under my belt with hunting only with a handgun, and one buck down, I was eager to get out and try my new anniversary present.

My Bittersweet Buck   2008-09-03
A clean miss on my first attempt at handgun hunting and I was hooked. It took another year, lots of practice, and some misfortune on my father's part, but I finally got my first buck with a handgun.

The 45-70 Government   2008-07-20
My good friend, John, knows about my extreme weakness for Contender goodies and he exploits it every chance he gets. This time a friend of John’s was transitioning his collection from a few Thompson/ Center Contender barrels over to an Encore based assortment. One of the barrels he was parting with was a Super 16 Contender barrel chambered in 45-70 Government. John heard me talking of getting a 45-70 barrel for some time, but I never really looked into it seriously. John is also very good at tempting me into getting additional barrels. While talking on the phone he mentioned that the 45-70 barrel was sitting in his gun safe waiting for a new home. Before the phone call ended, I was making plans to visit him a few days later to get my new barrel. Along with the barrel, I got a forearm, grip, several boxes of Remington factory ammo, and Bushnell scope.

The .17 Ackley Bee   2008-07-20
I bought my first .172 caliber rifle in June of 1999. It was a Remington Classic Model 700 chambered for the only factory .172" caliber available, the .17 Remington. Ever since that time, I have been a true small bore fanatic! As any true varmint does, as soon as (or even before in my case) having one project finished another one is already in the works. As this is being written, I'm having a .17 Ackley Hornet built on a Martini Cadet action. But while waiting on this one I needed something else to do. Also being a fan of the T/C Encore line up I figured this would be a good platform to base my next small caliber from.

Prepping Your Cases   2008-07-20
I have been reloading my own ammunition for about six years. The first cartridge that I rolled my own for was the ever-popular .44 Magnum. That summer several hundred rounds of this caliber were processed through a RCBS press. Through reading reloading manuals and articles in shooting magazines, I learned how to keep my cases trimmed, sized, and chamfered.

My Time With Bill Grover   2008-07-28
James Swidryk reflects on his time spent with Bill Grover at the YO Ranch. Texas Longhorn Arms produced some fine and very unique guns over the years. Perhaps the most sought after is the #5 Improved version Grover styled after Elmer Keith's #5 revolver.

One Shot Buffalo   2008-06-02
After several days and stalks, the Professional Hunter (PH) and I, were able to leopard crawl inside a small herd of fifty animals to see if I could let the air out of a huge old bull with my pistol. Myself, the PH, and the trackers had been following three very large bulls over the course of several water holes and other herds. They seemed to wander in and out of the herds and be by themselves throughout the evening and mornings. We just couldn't catch up to them.

Interactive Edition Help   2008-06-23
Handgun Hunter Magazine announces the launch of a new digital interactive format. The new digital format will feature some of the most respected and well-known outdoor writers and handgun hunters from across the country including J. Wayne Fears, Mark Hampton, John Taffin, Larry Weishuhn, Dick Williams and others.

2008 Handgun Blastn'Blab Shoots and Competitions   2008-02-25
A run down of the member organized handgun shoots and competitions. Some are more formal than others but they're all great fun.

Backpack Hunting   2008-02-14
Most of the hunting I do is backpack hunting in wilderness areas between 8,000 and 13,000 feet elevation. Whether bivy hunting or hunting out of a spike camp my gear does not vary too much. This is what I carry for deer and elk hunts. Even when I go in for a day hunt for marmots or big game, I carry all of this but cut the food back to a two day supply.

SHOT Show 2008   2008-02-13
For those not familiar with it, the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade show or SHOT show is the premier event for manufacturers, buyers, and the media in the hunting and shooting market, including not only sporting goods, but police and military as well. I was only able to attend the show for two of the four days but there were a few products that I just had to have a look at including the new mini red-dot sight base from Freedom Arms (FA). One of the reasons FA never made a base like this before is that no one was making a small red-dot that would hold up on the .454.

My Best Boar   2008-02-09
I love hunting boar...I`ve been quoted in the past as saying "that God put boar on this planet to be handgun hunted" or "if told I had to choose only one animal to would be wild boar". I`ve taken my share using handguns in 357-41- and 44mag- 45Colt- 454- 460S&W and a few with a 270Win. rifle. However, most of these animals were feral hogs and not the true strain of boar found in the Black forest of Germany or those from Poland or the Chechnya Republic. That all changed when I recently had the opportunity to hunt at the Double Boar Ranch located in west-central Pennsylvania. This is a brand new operation put together by longtime hunters Andy Krantz and Dion Magestro. They were fed up with the quality of the animals that were listed as "pure Russian boar" at different preserves throughout the country. They contacted Two Rivers Outdoor Club of Illinois who specialize in the rasing of purebred wild boar and put together an excellent line of breeding stock. I know I am making this sound much easier then it was because they also had built a hunting lodge that rivals the top lodges of South Africa.

Firearms and Ammunition Contribute $3 Billion   2008-02-02
LAS VEGAS -- Executives from America's leading firearms and ammunition manufacturers gathered this evening at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show to mark an important milestone in the firearms and ammunition industry's longstanding support of wildlife conservation. Manufacturers have since 1991 contributed more than $3 billion dollars to fund wildlife conservation through the payment of a federal excise tax on the sale of their products. The excise tax is a primary source of wildlife conservation funding in the United States. Since the inception of the excise tax in 1937, more than $5 billion dollars has been collected.

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