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Views From Down Under   2008-07-20
Most kangaroos have been shot by Pro's for the canned dog meat market. They shoot millions of them each year, and no they are NOT being wiped out. The government estimates we now have about 2 million more kangaroos in Australia than 200 years ago. They just love the new paddocks and food supply. In recent years Roo has started turning up on resturant tables and is shipped OS to Asia and England that I know of. In Tasmania wallabies (Small version of a kangaroo) is shot by most people for either dog food or mincing to make patties/hamburgers (Wallyburgers?).

444 Marlin   2008-07-20
Adaylight began to creep through the barren treetops I hoped the temperature would soon begin to climb. When I left my house one hour earlier to begin the hike to my favorite deer stand the thermometer read a mere 5 degrees above zero. Once the woods became fully illuminated I heard a sound much like that of frozen leaves being stepped on. Turning slowly toward the direction of the sound and looked down the hollow trying to spy what made the noise. If the deer travel this area as they had for the past four years the crunching sound would be from a deer or two making its way out of the nearby mountain laurel thicket. Because the oak trees that boarded the laurels had a bountiful crop that year I knew the deer would be here digging for any leftovers that the turkey and fox squirrels hadn't devoured. Looking through my binoculars in an attempt to locate any movement that might be a deer I could see nothing.

777 Aoudad Adventure   2008-07-20
The names San Antonio, Comanchee Springs, and Hondo conjure up images in the mind of great battles, of ranches stretching as far as the eye can see, and of cowboys and Indians. Even though I must admit all of my cowboys look like John Wayne. However, this Texas trip was to have more of an African flavor than old west. Some even describe the 777 Ranch as "Africa in Texas". I had a hunting trip booked at the 777 Ranch in Hondo and for several weeks prior to the hunt I was getting gear together, making frequent trips to the range, and making lists of things to take. I can only imagine what the first settlers must have gone through preparing for life on a wagon train. I was only going to be gone four days.

The Snipe Pod   2008-06-20
The problem of holding a gun steady has plagued hunters and shooters for as long as there have been guns. Handgun hunting, like any other type of hunting, finds the targets to be of varying size at varying distance and frequently moving. Obviously, you don't need to be as steady when shooting at a moose as you would need to be when shooting at a prairie dog but using some sort of rest whether it's natural or mechanical is almost a requirement once distances go beyond 75 or 100 yards. At closer ranges, larger animals aren't too hard to hit (most of the time) but small varmints can be very difficult if you don't have some way to steady the gun. The various shooting techniques notwithstanding, many hunters choose to use the aid of a mechanical device like the bipod or shooting sticks to steady their aim and reduce the risk of wounding an animal.

HHI Antelope Hunt 2002   2008-06-01
When I put my deposit down on the 2002 Handgun Hunters International (HHI) antelope hunt in early September it seemed like such a good idea. With the date of departure rapidly approaching, the thought of driving 1200 miles alone was a bit daunting. My work load was crushing, deadlines were fast approaching, soccer schedules were conflicting, my wife was in need of more of my time.hell, I needed a road trip! I gathered up all my camping gear, ordered BLM and road maps to Wright, WY, worked up my hunting loads and started to pray for the day I could escape this madhouse and hit the road. I allowed 2 « days of travel that charted a path through Yellowstone National Park. Where I would go from there I didn't know or care as long as I ended up at the Durham Ranch on Monday at 2:00 P.M. There I'd meet the other HHI hunters. I've been a handgun hunter for years and I have always looked forward to receiving my issue of

Handgun Challenge   2008-06-01
It was still dark and cool, exceptionally so at about 65 degrees, for a hill country morning on August 12 1997, when Thompson Temple and I arrived at the big wrought iron gate at the entrance to the property where we were to meet the landowner of the ranch where I was slated to embark on the adventure and challenge of a handgun hunt for the elusive and wary Aoudad sheep, native of Africa and popular transplant to the Texas hill country exotic hunting scene.

Texas Safari Handgun Style   2008-06-01
When I was asked by my company C.E.O. if I was interested in attending an industry trade show in San Antonio, Texas, I jumped at the opportunity. This would give me the perfect chance to combine work with a hunting trip. After spending three days in San Antonio (a neat city) I was met at the Marriott RiverCenter by my hunting guide for the next three days, Mr. Chip Harmon, of Ultimate Safaris.

Free Ranging Texas Blackbuck And The 257 JDJ   2008-06-01
A few weeks ago I ran across an internet ad for a used TC Contender in 257 JDJ at a good price. Already owning SSK barrels in 6 JDJ, 6.5 JDJ, 309 JDJ and 375 JDJ, I figured I just had to have a 257 to go with the others, so the deal was made. The frame has been worked by SSK and the trigger is absolutely excellent. Both the frame and the barrel are coated with SSK Chrome finish, a 3 ring T’SOB scope mount holding a 3X9 AO Burris scope and Pachmayr grip and forend complete the package. I also got 300 pieces of fireformed brass, dies, 175 loaded rounds, 900 Nosler 85 grain Ballistic Tips and 200 87 grain Sierras.

Handgun Hunting Deer   2008-06-20
After hunting white-tailed deer for several years with modern gun, bow and muzzleloader, I started to feel that using a long gun took something away from the hunting experience. With my bowhunting skills at the opposite end of the spectrum, my only reward during most bow seasons was getting to smash large numbers of mosquitoes to the benefit other warm blooded animals! After hunting with long guns for several years, I decided that a handgun would increase the challenge for modern gun seasons. As I reflected on the deer I had taken I realized most were shot at less than 100 yards with the majority less than 75 yards, well within range of a single shot pistol or a revolver.

Hogs and Deer: World's Apart   2008-06-01
The afternoon of Thanksgiving Day, 1994 was a perfect day for hunting. The temperature was in the upper forties with a light breeze blowing and overcast. I was hunting atop a hill over looking an old creek bottom. The bottom had been recently cleared by a logging company, which made the hill an excellent spot to hunt deer. I was hunting with a Desert Eagle-"Lone Eagle" chambered in 7mm-08, using Remington factory ammunition with 140-grain Core-Lokt bullets.

375 Winchester   2008-03-15
Developed in 1978 to increase the effectiveness of America's favorite lever guns, the .375 is another cartridge based on the .30-30 case size. Because it is chambered only in firearms of today's metallurgy, the .375 is loaded to a much higher working pressure than the similar but weaker .38-55, for which century-old rifles are still to be found. Al though some of its exterior dimensions match those of the .30-30 and .38-55, the .375 does in fact use a much stronger c ase, with a thicker web and walls. My samples of .375 empties weighed an average of 12 grains more than .30-30 cases. Reloaders should therefore NOT use .30-30 brass to form .375 cases, except possibly for low-pressure practice loads.

Winchester Supreme Ammo for Handgun Hunters   2008-02-10
Ask any self respecting handgun hunter about using factory ammunition and you’ll probably get one of those raised eyebrow "you’re not exactly right are you" sort of looks, and for good reason. Three aspects we handgun hunters must have in our hunting ammunition are power, consistency, and a reliably performing bullet. Factory ammunition has earned the reputation of being a sub-par performer in these areas, the main reasons we tend to turn our noses’ up at the mention of using factory ammunition. Some companies "hunting" ammunition is nothing more than their existing personal-protection ammo packaged with a new label marketed towards hunting. Fortunately this in not always the case, many companies have made an effort to produce ammunition worthy of meeting a serious handgun hunters standards.

Lions In My Darkness   2008-02-10
This trip began sometime around February of 2000 when Larry Rogers told me he was planning to make another trip to Africa. During the course of the conversation, I told him I wanted to go also. Larry said nothing, but called me back a couple of days later to see if I was joking. After convincing him that I wasn't messing with him, we started putting the trip together. Larry had already lined up an outfitter, so I was that much ahead of the game. I spent the rest of the year getting such things as my passport and registration of the firearms I was taking with me. My choice of cases was simple; I ordered a Bear Track case. The only thing I wished I had done differently was getting a nylon cover for my case. Although it was blue, it still looked like a gun case and this created some anxious moments during our travels.

The Date   2008-02-10
My wife (Linda) is very tolerable of my hunting and shooting habits. I have been blessed in this area. She says that I have a disease, but is glad that it’s my only bad habit. I love to take her hunting with me whenever I can. Most often I have to take the initiative and ask her to come along. I know Linda would never say, "Honey lets go Charlie hunting". So I called a babysitter for the kids and asked her out for a date of chuck hunting and dinner. I think she accepted mostly for the dinner out.

K-Hornet is Old and Improved   2008-02-02
Here to keep these pests thinned for a rancher friend, I reached for another diminutive .22 K-Hornet round as two more 'dogs popped up. As the sun arced upwards, more than 200 doses of 45-grain jacketed medicine followed that first one down the T/C Contender's 10-inch barrel. The cartridge that ushered in the modern concept of varminting nearly a century ago is still thumping them as well as ever. In fact, it's even better.

Ammunition from Grizzly Cartridge Co.   2008-02-02
Pick-up a box of Grizzly Cartridge Co. ammunition and you’ll appreciate right away the attention to detail. The cartridges are packed individually in styrofoam trays housed in attractive cardboard boxes bearing the Grizzly Cartridge Co. design. Inside, you’ll find highly polished and consistent ammunition, each loaded by Mike himself with the precision you’d expect from an engineer.

454 Eland   2008-02-02
I just recently returned from my fourth handgun hunting trip to South Africa. Although I have been blessed to walk this beautiful country and enjoy it's scenery and take some fine trophies with my handguns, the one animal that I have spent more time on than all others is eland. I have walked, ridden, and yes, even crawled countless kilometers for these elusive, huge creatures. I have spent endless hours overlooking waterholes, and I have seen, touched, and smelt enough eland spoor to make a grown man cry - but yet, things never have quite worked in my favor. Until this year, that is. The ranch that we were hunting is the Zingela Hunting Lodge near Tolwe - approximately one hours drive North-northwest of Alldays. I was hunting with Professional Outfitter and P.H. D.J. (Dave) Dewsnap along with my associates Gary Wolfe and Bill Kirschner. The property is a privately owned, 20,000 hectre (that's 50,000 acres, folks) facility that is owned by one of the higher ups in the Microsoft organization.

222 Remington   2008-01-30
I evaluated my requirements and decided on a few things that the caliber must have. Whatever I choose must be chambered in .22 caliber to take advantage of the wide variety of varmint bullets. It should also be a Super 14 to milk every last bit of velocity available from whatever round I decided upon. From a quick look into the Contender Reloading manual and caliber listings of several custom barrel makers I found several rounds that would do what I wished for; .22 K-Hornet, .218 Bee, .22 Jet, .221 Fireball, .222 Remington, .223 Remington, .222 Remington Magnums, and .219 Zipper.

6.5X50 Japanese in a T/C Contender   2008-02-05
I had an idea that the 6.5 Japanese in a T/C Contender would be equal to or better than the 6.5 JDJ. I also thought that it would cost less than going the JDJ route. It was something that was in theory only. So I started doing some research on the subject. I found that it had indeed been done in the past, but the info was almost non-existent on the subject. So I wondered if this would be a worthwhile project to undertake from scratch. I wasn’t sure if it was worth doing & possibly ending up with a barrel that would on be good only as a tomato stake afterwards.

Selecting Your First Hunting Handgun   2008-01-30
There are two types of hunters in the world, those that are shooters and those that are not. The latter group is content to run a few rounds of ammo through Ol' Betsy just before the season opens and that's that. Many still get their deer to the freezer but the other group, shooters, practice year-round and are good candidates to become handgun hunters. Choosing a handgun to be used for hunting is a bit different than choosing one for self-defense or defense based competition. Few handguns well suited for serious hunting are also top choices for defensive purposes in non-hunting situations, so lets examine what makes a good hunting handgun.

Handguns For Disabled Hunters   2008-01-30
The last day of July, 1988 was the last day of my "normal life". I was involved in a head on automobile accident that very nearly killed me and I spent the next 8 months in the hospital and endured 13 surgical operations in an attempt to put me back together in somewhat the same fashion that I was in prior to the accident.

Best Contender Barrels - Custom or Factory?   2008-01-30
One of the major advantages of Thompson/Center's remarkable Contender pistol is the ease with which different calibers may be selected. Merely by changing barrels, with sights attached, a shooter has a pistol of an entirely different caliber. The factory alone produces barrels in two dozen or so different chamberings, from the universally useful .22 LR all the way through the mighty .45-70. There's even a .410-bore shotgun barrel. Fox Ridge Outfitters, T/C's official customhouse, lists many more, including many formerly listed by T/C but since discontinued in favor of more popular sellers.

The 338 JDJ #2   2008-01-30
The .338JDJ#2 is yet another round in the long list of wildcats designed case by J.D. Jones of SSK Industries. Even though it is a very powerful and effective round, the .338JDJ#2 seems to be one of the lesser-known designs. But this is understandable when considering that it keeps company with cartridges like the .309JDJ and .375JDJ, both of which are also formed from .444 Marlin cases, and its smaller cousin the .300 Whisper, formed from .221 Fireball.

Alldays In The Dark Continent   2008-01-30
My interest in Africa grew at a tremendous rate. I began checking into the costs of a plains game hunt and was pleasantly surprised to find that I could book a 5-6 animal hunt in South Africa for little more than a guided Montana elk hunt cost. In 1996 I found the package that I thought was the best and put down my deposit. May of 1997 I found myself on a South African Airways flight heading towards Johannesburg, RSA. This was my first international trip, and I was full of anticipation. The long flight was only tempered by my excitement about my upcoming ten day stay in South Africa. I spent the night in Jo'burg and then caught the early morning flight into Pietersburg, about one hour flying time North.

Gettin' Squirrelly   2008-01-30
I can think of no other animal whose name so perfectly fits his character as the squirrel. Squirrelly, by their very nature I suppose, and intelligent beyond belief sometimes, the squirrel is a challenging adversary for any who have made his acquaintance in the hardwoods. Should you doubt their intelligence, just try keeping one of the little safe crackers out of a backyard bird feeder for any length of time. I'm talking about the Eastern Gray Squirrel - capable of outwitting countless youngsters each year as they try to develop their stalking, shooting, and other woodsmanship skills and providing even the seasoned hunter hours of hunting pleasure. Few of any age will turn down an opportunity for a days hunt in prime hardwoods even though hardly a squirrel has been born that would be considered a trophy by those over the age of ten. They are just plain fun to hunt and that's reason enough for gettin' squirrelly.

Perseverance Pays Off   2008-01-30
After years of hunting on state game lands, with very little success, three of us decided to lease 120 acres of land to hunt whitetail deer on. All summer long we performed repairs on the property, cleaned up the roadways, replaced access gates, and put in food plots. Having a place of our own to hunt, had me really looking forward to the up coming deer season. The property was mostly wooded with a few fields. The only drawback was that it was an hour and a half from home, but the long drive seemed a small price to pay for our own piece of paradise.

Project Bisley   2008-01-30
Like many of my friends, I have purchased a Ruger Bisley for the purpose of having it converted to a five-shot custom revolver chambered for either the .475 or .500 Linebaugh cartridges. I chose a revolver chambered in .44 magnum so I could shoot it while saving up the money for conversion.

Hunting Revolvers   2008-01-30
Hunting big game with a handgun is a challenging and rewarding experience. Be it with a single-shot chambered in a bottlenecked cartridge capable of delivering long-range accuracy or a big-bore revolver using either open-sights or a scope. Personally I find the latter much more challenging. I'm not knocking the single-shots. I still use them and have owned several over the years chambered in a number of cartridges from the 17 Remington up to and including the 45-70 Government.

The Super Blackhawk Hunter   2008-10-23
Ruger, long recognized for firearm innovation developed a dovetail scope mounting system for their rifles so it was a natural progression to apply the same system to a revolver. The Super Blackhawk Hunter differs from the standard version in that it has a heavy solid ribbed barrel, round trigger guard, and laminated wood grips. The barrel rib is machined to accept the dovetail scope rings found on other Ruger firearms. This design places the scope out over the barrel and balances out this rig nicely, also helping to tame the recoil.

Handgun Hunting Bedded Bucks   2008-01-28
The buck was feeding on acorns that were falling like rain in the light breeze from oak trees overhead. He almost looked like a cow grazing as his antlers rocked back and forth with each mouthful. Every few steps he would raise his head and check the position of a doe he was shadowing. Then for no apparent reason he stopped feeding, walked back along his trail about 20 feet and stood head-erect facing first one direction then another but without advancing or retreating.

An 8 The Hard Way   2008-02-10
Since 1873 the 45 Colt or as it's often called, the 45 Long Colt, has been a favorite of cowboys, lawmen and more recently handgun hunters. It is still popular with the would-be cowboys playing games but this gun is not for them and lawmen have gone down another road altogether. No, this 45 is a hunter's handgun. The 45 Colt started out as a black powder round and at the time it was pretty potent. As smokeless powders were developed the 45 Colt had new life breathed into it and all of a sudden there was a 45 caliber handgun that could keep up with a 44 Magnum. You can't use the more powerful loadings in old single action Colt's, for example, but in modern revolvers the scene is much different or so I had heard.

The 6mm TCU   2008-01-28
Developed by a Nevada gunsmith named Wes Ugalde, the "T/CU" line of cartridges were designed using the very common (and cheap) .223 Remington as the parent cartridge. The four rounds that were developed consisted of one that shoots a 6mm (.243") bullet, a slightly larger round using a .257" bullet, one shooting a 6.5mm (.264") bullet, and the biggest using a 7mm (.284") bullet. Opening the .223 Remington case up to any of the previously mentioned calibers provides an advantage by reducing wind drift and providing more energy down range. The rounds he created were to be chambered in the T/C Contender. Warren Center of Thompson/Center Arms talked Wes into naming the rounds "Thompson/Center Ugalde," or "T/CU" for short.

The 32-20 Winchester   2008-01-28
The 32-20 Winchester is a simple caliber that survived the smokeless powder revolution in the late 1800's. The case is short, its shoulder is bearly noticeable, and powder capacity is miniscule, which are all reasons it would not be noticed at all in todays high capacity, sharp shouldered cartridge world. The 32-20 has been chambered in revolvers as well as lever action rifle. Thompson/Center chambered the caliber in the Contender line to the pleasure of metallic silhouette target shooters. The 32-20 Winchester is often used for the mid-size target class and does quite well.

Mag-Na-Port Custom Super Blackhawk   2008-01-28
I checked out Mag-Na-Port's web site and saw all of their custom options for a Blackhawk. I liked the Predator but didn't want the barrel that short. I had handled a 5 inch factory Blackhawk that felt pretty good. I decided to go with a 5 1/4 inch barrel length. I also decided on several other options; I wanted an action job, magnaport, cylinders numbered, inverted muzzle crown and the Ruger warning removed from the barrel. I boxed it up and off it went. Now the long 3 month wait began.

376 Steyr - Handcannon Heaven   2008-04-29
Since its introduction in 1912, the 375 H&H Magnum has endured almost a full century and remains a worldwide hunting favorite as an all-around gun where large and dangerous game may be encountered. It's of little wonder other manufacturers have sought to match the performance and popularity of the 90 year old cartridge. It's also of little wonder that serious handgun hunters desired cartridges in the same caliber for hunting the same large and dangerous game. While the newer breed of 375 rifles include the 375 Dakota, and Remington's 375 Ultra Mag, which seems to be the current frenzy, there has been relatively little for the handgun hunter to get excited about in terms of new factory cartridges until the 376 Steyr was introduced.

Why Reload Your Own Ammo For Handgun Hunting?   2008-01-28
First and foremost in my mind is for the sheer pleasure of it. If you enjoy the nuts and bolts of hunting, which most handgun hunters do, you know how all the details are just as enjoyable as the hunt itself. The extra practice required, the extra patience in waiting for the perfect shot and the extra margin of error you have to fight to get your game. You love these things, else you would be toting a rifle. The fun of planning a load, rolling it and testing it makes the success of the hunt more enjoyable.

Contender & Encore Estimated Manufacturing Dates   2008-01-28
Contender & Encore estimated manufacturing dates through 2000

30-30 Winchester   2008-01-28
I'll show exactly what it can do when handloaded for each task listed above. The 30-30 has to be one of my favorite rounds to load for; it digests lots of different powders and is not finicky in the least. In fact, for the first year I had my Super 14 30-30 Winchester I only fired one load; 35 grains of Hodgdons Varget and a 130gr Hornady Spire Point. This was the first load I tried and it grouped great. After a few rounds to sight in, the next five piled into a groups measuring less than one inch at 100 yards. With this kind of performance I never bothered to pursue the matter of load development with 130-grain bullets anymore. This makes for an ideal deer-hunting load.

Handgun Scope Specifications   2008-01-27
A table showing the pertinent specifications for most handgun scopes. If you're interested in the eye relief, weight, field-of-view on a particular handgun scope these charts will provide that information. Information is available for both fixed power and variable power scopes.

Bushnell Elite 3200 Firefly   2008-01-20
Bushnell has a new concept in scopes on the market in their Firefly series. Externally the scope is no different than the Elite 3200 with regular crosshairs but internally the crosshairs are nothing like I've ever seen.

Nikon 2.5x8 Handgun Scope   2008-01-15
As handgun hunters we are a group that has specialized tools. Oh there are a few all-rounders out there but by and large, we tend to use different guns for different tasks. There are probably four or five general categories in which hunting handguns could be placed and a few more given the different action types. So where does the Nikon fit in and how does it stack up against other handgun scopes?

Some New Guns In '04   2008-01-14
While it may be tough to follow last years introduction of the 500 S&W for innovation, this may be the year the pendulum swings the other way. Freedom Arms and Ruger attended the Safari Club International convention in Reno, Nevada this month and they each had some new guns to show off.

Zeiss Z-Point Red-Dot & Edge Custom Mounts   2008-01-14
Edge Custom has introduced three new custom mounts just in time for hunting season this fall. Coupled with the Z-Point from Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, this could be the perfect accessory for your favorite sixgun.

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