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Coyote Guns: Contender Barrel
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1 47986 Fri March 26, 2010
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Description: When Ruger introduced the 204 Ruger in 2004 my first thought was I’ll bet that is going to be one of hell of round in a Contender. Based on my experience with the round I was not far off with that thought. The cartridge performs extremely well in both rifles and handguns. I contacted Paul Dustin of Coyote Guns (260-691-2684, www.coyoteguns.com) to inquire about one of his barrels for a Contender in 204 Ruger. Paul was kind enough to send me a 14” barrel with a Weaver base installed with 6 screws. Paul uses a bead blasted matte blue finish which I really like, stainless barrels are also available. All barrels are button rifled and stress relieved with McGowen Precision and Green Mountain blanks used as the basis and available in a wide array of chambers. The attention to detail of these barrels is apparent not only in the fit and finish but in the field as well. Accuracy from the bench was marked by 0.8” five shot group produced with a Nosler 40-grain Ballistic Tip over a reasonable dose of RL 10x. Winchester factory ammunition tuned in just over 3500 fps and 1.5” groups. All groups were at a distance of 100 yards. While on a Prairie Dog hunt in June of 2007 I found that dispatching dogs out 300 yards and further in some cases was relatively easy with this barrel and a 2.5-8 Leupold. I, as well as my fellow hunters, was amazed at the explosive performance at long ranges. The overall consensus of the group was “I’ve got to have one”.
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Chris Abbott


Registered: December 2009
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Review Date: Fri March 26, 2010
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Pros: Mine is a thompson center barrel and it is a 14 inch.

I have a 14 inch factory tc barrel for my contender. I handload for it and with 40 grn A Max bullets infront of varget porder my barrel is very accurate. The thing I found odd about it was that with Hornady Custom ammunition it would shoot poor groups at 100 yards. I am not bothered to bad though because I dont use factory ammo anyway. Great cartridge that is a fast round with nasty prairie dog killing abilities.

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