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Axis at Indianhead

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Axis buck at Indianhead
Ed with a great axis buck taken at Indianhead Ranch. Indianhead boasts the finest fair-chase hunting experience in Texas. Rated in the Top 3 Exotic Game Ranches of Texas, Indianhead Ranch offers over 25 species roaming free on 10,000 acres of fence-free land.

by Ed Folmar

After an eland hunt deena and I and the guide, Jessie, drove around the property.the weather took a turn for the better and we really started seeing some animals. They were all over the place. We spent the rest of the day drooling over the amount of axis deer we were seeing. Now ive always promised myself an axis but the budget was already a little thin so looking was all I planned to do. After dinner that night deena asked me if I wanted an axis.of coarse I said yes but felt I had already spent enough. My wonderful wife said she would get me one for my birthday and Christmas,this was in November and my birthday was on the 27th. We told Jessie we wanted an axis and it was set up.

On day two the day was spent looking at what I thought were great axis,but Jessie wasn’t happy with what we saw. Toward the end of the day he set me up on a mound of dirt overlooking what he thought was a good spot to ambush a good buck. Jessie and deena drove off and left me for the rest of what daylight we had left. While I was waiting I saw black buck antelope, whitetail deer, some axis but nothing like we had seen earlier. I soon realized that I had company on this mound of dirt I was on. Ants, small black ants, not to hungry but kind of tickling as they crawled over my hands. After about an hour I figured it was about time to hike back to the truck. When I got back to the truck deena and Jessie were very excited. It seems that they had seen this big axis buck come out of the brush and head in my direction. For some reason I thought they were joking but they both swore they saw it. Jessie decided we would come back to the same place the next morning before breakfast and wait till the sun came up and see what we would see. We had another great dinner and off to bed. The last morning we were up and on the way after a cup of coffee. We set up on the top of a hill and waited for daylight. I had a good rest and when the sun got up enough so we could see, I started to range the distances to the openings that existed between the thick brushy areas. After about an hour deena pointed out the axis buck they had seen yesterday. He was slowly walking toward a clearing that I had ranged about 85 yards. He was by far the biggest axis I had ever seen and I thought the sound of my breathing would send him running. I had my scope on 4 power and was following him as he walked along. For some reason he stopped and looked in our direction, that was it, I squeezed the trigger and the 300 gr nosler took him right behind the shoulders. He jumped straight up and ran for about 35 yards and went down for good. It was all over but the shouting and picture taking. Back to the skinning shed and off to breakfast. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and getting ready for our trip back home. Again,a very fun hunt! Deena and I are thinking about going back in the future for whitetail.

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Poster: jamesfromjersey    Date: 2008-06-14    Top

A truly beautiful animal.....

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