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Surreal @ 15 yards

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Handgun Hunter Magazine announces the launch of a new digital interactive format. The new digital format will feature some of the most respected and well-known outdoor writers and handgun hunters from across the country including J. Wayne Fears, Mark Hampton, John Taffin, Larry Weishuhn, Dick Williams and others.

The June 2008 issue features hunting articles on aoudad and African plains game with additional articles on belt guns for handgun hunters, the Mag-na-Port Predator, and 50 caliber handguns from Magnum Research, Smith & Wesson and Freedom Arms.

Future issues will offer multimedia experiences with inline video featuring products and short hunting and shooting segments.

Access Points

The interactive edition can be accessed from the home page, on the members only page under the services menu, and on the forum pages once you are logged in.

Viewing Problems

To view the June issue your browser will have to allow popups for Clicking on the flipping pages will open a new window that is maximized for the best viewing experience. This is the only popup on the site so don't worry about being subjected to popups when you're viewing the other pages on the website.

You will have to login, if you're already a member, or register with your email address to get access to the interactive edition.

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Recent Comments:

Poster: Charliecgdn    Date: 2017-09-15    Top

How does a person search the site?
Poster: FA834ME    Date: 2015-04-20   Top

How to add a picture to a post?
Poster: Wayne S    Date: 2010-06-20    Top

I have several Contender BBL's for sale. Do I hsave to list each one as a seperate item on the BBL section of the classifieds, OR can I make a "group" posting all the BBL's,dies,brass ect ?? V/r Wayne
Poster: Forester2    Date: 2009-02-09   Top

How in the heck do you get the search to work ie info on 358jdj and it coms back no info but i know from google that there are info on the 358jdj? thank for the help
Poster: Gary    Date: 2008-12-22    Top

Not until the economy improves and this effort gets some support from the industry.
Poster: briarhopper    Date: 2008-12-22   Top

Will there be another online issue of the magazine? I enjoyed the June issue, and am looking forward to the next one.
Poster: Forkhorn    Date: 2008-11-21    Top

Figured out how to download it to a ZIP. Go to the Ezine, Select the PDF format, wait for it to load completely, and then you can save it to whatever format you want. I was just impatient and didn't wait for it to complete downloading first.
Poster: Forkhorn    Date: 2008-11-21   Top

Is there a way I can download and then save the E-zine to a zip drive? I would like to view it from my job, but we have limited web access, so the zip would work best.
Poster: hill top guns    Date: 2008-11-19    Top

Poster: Gary    Date: 2008-06-22   Top

Safari Users: In the Safari web browser the magazine won't open until the flash animation on the sidebar fully loads. If you don't want to wait you can go to the home page and then click on the view inside cover.

Poster: Gary    Date: 2008-06-03    Top

There is an access point on the home page, on the members only page under the services menu, and on the forum pages.

Poster: gunsrus45    Date: 2008-06-03   Top

How do you view this Handgun Hunter Magazine Interactive Edition ?

Poster: Gary    Date: 2008-05-31    Top

Member Questions:

Q1. Page two and three appear to be advertisements but nothing shows up. Are they blank or is it a problem on this end?
Ya done good. Thank you for all your efforts.
Now to settle down and do some reading.

Answer: Those 2 pages & one in the back are so I can insert advertising if I can get this thing sponsored. That is one thing good about digital, I can place advertising there after the magazine is "published".

Q2. If we want to print it out on paper to read what is the best program/format to keep it looking like the printed magazine?

Answer: I ended up downloading the magazine to my computer and then printed it out. If you go through your printer preferences you should be able to print odd pages first & then even pages next. This should allow you to end up with a double sided page like a magazine.

Q3. I am thinking of subscribing to the Handgun Hunter Magazine. I was wondering if it is a monthly mag or just a special edition and print magazine? I see the two volumns listed for sale, but no more info.

Answer: There are only 2 print editions. They were annual publications, 120 pages, full color, published in 2004 and 2005. Due to the high cost of production there won't be any more print versions for the foreseeable future. You can order those two back issues in print.

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