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Maine bobcat
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by a.k.a. jamesfromjersey     Last updated: 2017-01-24 23:43:14

Never had the chance to hunt bobcat until this past Monday morning when I was in a blind at 5:30AM overlooking bait 30yds away.. This was in the forest of Aurora, Maine about two hours northeast of Bangor and the first of two day`s hunting. It was not until 1:30 in the afternoon that my first cat just appeared near the bait. He was licking his side and I waited and then he looked straight at me. Placed the crosshair where the front leg meet the body and squeezed the trigger. Cat disappeared... Expected to find him in the trees but blood.. nothing except a tuft of hair. What the hell??? Go back to the bait and find my bullet hit and broke a short piece of fence wire. What I did not know was that the bullet deflected but a large part of it angled through the front of the chest, came out, and went back in for a perfect gut shot. The guide came back with his dog and he found him 50yds from impact....God bless that dog.

Tuesday morning I was hunting from a high box blind about 9 miles from camp. Bait was 59.5yds away...2:45 in the afternoon I see movement at the bait and here was my 2nd cat pulling on a large chunk of deer. He snuck in a small gulley and his body was hidden. Set the Burris scope on 5X and waited until he exposed his shoulder. One shot dropped him there....Bobcat are one of God`s most beautiful predators.... If you can see the colors of his coat you will know why. It is VERY cold in Maine in January with Monday morning registering 9 degrees.... Longjohns are a must....PS- when I came across this pre-war S&W advertisement I just had to make the picture...please don`t mind me cause I love this stuff.....


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Recent Comments:

Poster: gemihur    Date: 2019-10-03    Top

Great story and great shooting. Thanks for sharing. Jimmy
Poster: Western Revolver    Date: 2017-03-08   Top

Haha I love the S&W picture. Good hunting James.
Poster: KRal    Date: 2017-01-25    Top

Outstanding performance, James! Congrats!

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