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Snowstorm boar
Snowstorm boar

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by a.k.a. jamesfromjersey     Last updated: 2016-01-18 21:08:28

My first boar for 2016 may be the best blooded I`ve taken. Have to wait for the teeth.... For this hunt I used my recently customized Ruger Bisley in 45 Colt. The gun has a 6 inch barrel and I was able to install a Freedom Arms red fiber optic front sight and along with an excellent trigger job by the Pistol Parlor it was almost easy to use the iron sights and make the shot. This big, wooley "San Diego" blood line boar was slowly making his way through the forest and I was able to rest my gun as he kept getting closer. In years past I would have taken the shot while he was walking in but I held back and waited until he stopped and presented a good target. My handload used a 260gr Partition over 23.5grs of H-110 that proved to be an accurate and manageable combination for the open sight Bisley. My first shot took him through the lungs and was stopped by an immense gristle shield. This boar was well over 300lbs and I was surprised at how he reacted to this cartridge. I also could have waited until he expired but after trashing about he sat up and I hit him one more time to end it...He had good teeth... The only let down of a sorts was when I lifted his head to find the opposite top tooth broken about an inch above the gum. I recovered my first Partition that only lost 3.8grs weighing 256.2 grains. Another reason to mourn there loss. The third photo down shows my 45 Colt going off with the muzzle blast and the boar in the back ground.........


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Poster: pab1    Date: 2017-07-13    Top

Very nice gun and hog James!
Poster: Western Revolver    Date: 2017-03-08   Top

Good looking boar and another great hunt.
Poster: BushcraftCyclist    Date: 2016-12-27    Top

Nice Article. Thanks for the detail. Regards, Ta Tai. Mermentau River Basin, Louisiana USA
Poster: Texas Plainsman    Date: 2016-06-30   Top

Just caught this. Good read.
Poster: billa    Date: 2016-04-22    Top

James. An awesome beast! Perfect bullet expansion.

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