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by James Swidryk a.k.a. jamesfromjersey     Last updated: 2015-08-09 16:51:32

Pulled out my box of recovered handgun bullets and removed all those of .41 caliber. There were eight XTP`s and three Swift A-frames. There original weight was 210 grains. The range the animals were shot was from 20 yards out to just over 90 yards. Most of the game were boar in the 200+ pound range plus a large body aoudad, a blackbuck and a Axis deer.

HANDGUNS and HANDLOADS: 1) S&W 657 with 7 1/2" barrel shooting a 210gr XTP over 22.7grs of H-110 for 1400+fps.

2) Freedom Arms m-83 with a 10" barrel shooting a load from John Taffin that uses a heavy charge of AA#9 under both the 210gr XTP or Swift A-frame. The XTP ran at 1745fps while the Swift A-frame ran at 1674FPS.

average recovered weight of 8 XTP bullets: 138.95 grains

average recovered weight of 3 Swift bullets: 201.6 grains

average expansion for 8 XTP bullets: 0.620"

average expansion for 3 Swift bullets: 0.660"

The Swift is a premium, bonded, partition bullet and well worth the money they cost. As you can see in the photos the expansion and weight retention are consistent and almost perfect. The XTP`s gave higher velocities with extremes at weight loss. While the XTP is not in the same class as the Swift it must be remembered that these bullets were taken from dead animals so they worked when placed in the right spot. I hope you 41 mag guys may find this as useful information. You will be able to tell which 3 bullets are the A-frames as they show the same expansion.....


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Recent Comments:

Poster: Western Revolver    Date: 2017-03-15    Top

Great info James!! A frame it is!
Poster: Gary    Date: 2016-09-06   Top

I think these photos pretty well sum up why you would choose the Swift over the XTP for shooting game.
Poster: pab1    Date: 2016-08-24    Top

Very good comparison!
Poster: trollhammer    Date: 2016-01-07   Top

thanks for the great info james.very helpful and informative.always searching to soak up info on bullet performance from the great .41 and others.
Poster: Redhawk500    Date: 2015-09-26    Top

The Swift is next to Nosler Partition and Barnes X as my most trusted, no fail, adequate expansion, excellent penetration bullets.

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