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Cape buff with 500 Wyoming
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by a.k.a. jamesfromjersey     Last updated: 2014-07-13 16:36:04

Never thought I would see Africa again and then I retired. The hell with it... One more time. My package was a five day hunt for a Cape buff and red hartebeest, two critters I`ve wanted to handgun for a long time.

First day in the field we spot the buff at 70 yards but I took to long getting my scoped 475 from its holster and he was gone. The idea was to use my scoped FA`s 475 from 100 to 50 yards and my iron sight FA`s 500 Wyoming from 50 and under.... The rest of the day was tracking. The next morning was more tracking and then a move to another area where I made a 102yd shot on a bush buck that was quartered toward me. I hit the back leg with a 400gr XTP and he went into the thorns. Come back with tracking dogs. Buck was 30yds inside thicket. Before he could stick the dogs I put two more XTP`s in him.

After a short walk we spot a nyala on the hillside and made 72yd shot off of BogPod PSR with scoped 475 and 400gr XTP`s. A most beautiful African animal... I feel great....

Day three was a washout with rain most of the day of my five day hunt. The clock was ticking....

Day four starts with tracking when we spot two buff in the thick stuff. My God are they big.... One of the trackers lets my PH know they are heading our way. He was quite sure of where they would exit so we set up 40 yards away. I unholstered my open sight 500 confident of making a good shot IF they came out where they were suppose to. A minute after setup he had me turn 180* after a kudu broke out. A minute after that we turned back to our original position because of sounds coming from the thick stuff. My mouth was dry as bone in anticipation. All that was going through my mind was to align the sights, squeeze the trigger and to keep shooting after the first shot. Over and over and over..... Then he steps out as big and black as a steam locomotive. In my hand is an open sight 500WE loaded with 420gr Punch bullets. Some may say its not the perfect choice for one ton of Africa`s meanest. Time slowed at the first shot as I watch his back legs buckle after the hit. As he fell I put two more into him. My next shot, that I clearly remember, was a miss blowing up the dirt five feet in front of the buff from jerking the trigger with the next one hitting home. I reloaded as I watched the buff, who was watching me, try to get to his feet. One more shot to the heart and then another in the front of the chest. The next sound I heard was the famous death bellow that every buff makes before he gives up the ghost.....

Dear God the dugga boy was mine. My emotions were quite visible as I kissed my PH on the cheek..... To say I was a happy handgun hunter would be an understatement.......

Later that evening, while night hunting for duiker I shot a decent warthog with my scoped 475. As we drove up on him the PH said to hit him again and then we climbed down from the truck. For whatever reason, an apprentice PH who was along decided to reach for the hogs tusk and in an instant the critter twisted his head and stuck the young man on the back of his hand. That was a hard lesson to lean but one he will never forget.

Day five had us looking for hartebeest. When we found the first male I took a good look at the terrain they liked and wondered if I would ever get a 100 yard or less shot from my revolver. Made a stalk and was busted by a female. Kept walking down a tree covered hillside and we were spotted by another male before the sticks could be set up. Did not look good for a revolver shot on a hartebeest. Go to another area and spot a lone male from a hilltop. Down we went and walked a good mile or so through the thick stuff. We set up and I make the shot which was 112 yards. If I had known the distance I would have held higher. Anyway the shot breaks his leg where it meets the body and passed low through the brisket. He lay down and after a minute got up and ran for 50 yards where he would lay down again. He kept doing this until the PH got his tracking dog who stopped the animal for a finish shot. Thank God for dogs...

That evening I was able to take a duiker by spotlight which was a most exciting way to handgun hunt.

I wish I could tell you more but this is where my adventure ends. Africa is calling......


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Recent Comments:

Poster: Igor    Date: 2020-01-07    Top

Man, real Dugga (muddy) boy and colorful article! Congrats!
Poster: Western Revolver    Date: 2017-03-14   Top

That's an adventure of a life time. That's some great shooting with a big bore revolver. You the man.
Poster: BBwheelgunner    Date: 2016-02-09    Top

Congrats on one hell of a 5 day African Safari! You took some beautiful animals from the Dark Continent, all with revolvers makes it even sweeter.
Poster: reflex264    Date: 2015-08-26   Top

Don't know how I missed this one. Great hunt and story. Handgun was icing on the cake.
Poster: Gregg Richter    Date: 2014-12-06    Top

Fantastic hunt, James! Great article!
Poster: tracker77    Date: 2014-08-14   Top

Very awesome James!! Congrats on a great hunt!! As always your exploits are an inspiration to us all!!
Poster: KRal    Date: 2014-08-03    Top

Congrats! You had a very adventurous week!
Poster: pab1    Date: 2014-07-22   Top

Congrats James! Sounds like a great hunt!
Poster: Rick    Date: 2014-07-20    Top

Sounds like you had a great time. Congrats on the kills

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