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First blood for 10mm Glock
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First blood for 10
First blood for 10mm Glock

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by a.k.a. 460man     Last updated: 2013-01-20 22:09:27

This year Missouri changed the black powder season to alternative arms season. It allows the use of several primitive arms as well as any center fire handgun. On the last available day I had to hunt, I headed to an old favorite spot for the last hunt of the season in this area. I placed my stand at the side of a draw and waited for evening to come. The wind was slightly gusty as it had been for most of the fruitless regular firearms season. The tree rats were very busy and about an hour before sun down this doe came up out of the draw headed my way. She was accompanied by one other doe about her size following close behind.

As I turned to gain position, the last doe saw me move and froze. This deer stopped as well about forty yards and just off broadside. She was nervous and was acting like she was going to bolt. I steadied my Glock 20SF with a 6 inch Lone Wolf barrel with my hand atop my Trigger Stick. She was carrying handloaded 180 grain XTP's over 10 grains of Bluedot. I squeezed off one round and hit her in the spine where the last rib joins. She fell down and I discharged a second round to put her out. I was amazed at the damage done to the spine area. I definitely hope to never catch one of those XTP's in my chest. First blood for the 10mm made better by being my handloads.

I sure hope MO keeps the handgun allowance. If they do I may never have to clean that .50 cal. smoke stick again. Sorry the picture is not very good.


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Poster: BKS    Date: 2016-11-28    Top

Awesome. Go GLOCK
Poster: es 350    Date: 2016-11-14   Top

Nice to see others using Glocks to hunt with, GREAT JOB congrats!
Poster: 460man    Date: 2014-02-10    Top

Very much so.
Poster: csherrill    Date: 2014-02-08   Top

Congratulations!! I have considered buying a Glock 20 for just that reason. A nice carry gun that could do double duty. Are you happy with it?
Poster: Jedagi    Date: 2013-12-31    Top

I've got a eaa witness hunter in 10mm. Haven't got the chance to take any critters with it yet.
Poster: Mad Dog 1954    Date: 2013-12-08   Top

Wish Indiana allowed the 10MM
Poster: reflex264    Date: 2013-10-14    Top

Great hunt for the Glock!
Poster: jamesfromjersey    Date: 2013-06-15   Top

Great... All the better that you took her with a 10mm Glock....

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