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by James F. Swidryk a.k.a. jamesfromjersey     Last updated: 2014-10-23 20:11:40

I am sure that most of you know that I`ve hunted before with members Ed and Deena Folmar and when I recently meet with them at the 5-F Ranch in central Texas, we began our second hunt together since becoming friends through Ed scored first when he took a very good waterbuck using his S&W PC 460 with the first shot at under 20yds. To say the waterbuck were surprised when they crested a dry river bed and ran into Ed and his 460 would be an understatment. The rays of the rising sun were in the bucks eyes which kept them from knowing how much danger they were really in. A few close range hits with Hornady`s 200gr SST bullets had the buck down in under 10 seconds. At that close range the terminal performance caused by the combination of Hornady`s factory 460 ammo and S&W`s 12" PC XVR were enough to put the buck down in short order (see picture).

Later that afternoon while crusing around with my guide Richard, I spotted the white tips of an Axis deer behind a huge pile of cut down brush. We stopped, two Axis deer walked out, and I fired. My first shot was not placed with the upmost precision, hitting the deer at the rear of the lungs and the bullet going into the top of the back leg as he quartered toward me. He then walked about 10 yards and stopped allowing me to make a double lung shot that put him down. We were able to recover the first bullet which was a 210gr Swift A-Frame in a handload using AA#9 and fired from my Freedom Arms

model 83 in .41mag. The bullet expanded perfectly to .720" and lost 20grs weighing in at 190grs. A perfect substitute for the discontinued Nosler Partition...

Next on the hit list had Deena going after one of those wild, under the fence, Texas boar

that cause so much devestation throughout the state. With the sun beginning to set Dee and her guide were hiding out near a deer feeder and true to their reputation a herd or sounder of boar came into range with the 'top shot' of our group making a perfect 104 yard double lung shot instantly dropping the pig. Deena`s gun of choice is her TC in

.35 Remington that shot a handload using a 180gr pointed soft point. One shot-one kill..

I`am sure you guys know of the love/hate relationship I have with boar so it should surprise no one when I closed the door of one of the many windowed deer blinds on the 5-F

and waited my turn for a shot at natures garbage disposer- the wild boar. As the sun began to set I could make out what looked like a small black frieght train snake its way from the safety of the tree line to stop at a corn pile exactly 50 yards away. With my small sandbag on the window sill and my scope set at 4X I placed a hot 210gr A-Frame through both lungs of one of the larger boars of the group. After a mad dash of 20yds the boar dropped and rolled for another five coming to a stop in a cloud of dust. That

FA`s 41 is impressive....

End of story- not yet...Maybe because of the drought or maybe because its Texas, but even the ranch owners said there was an unusually high amount of flies and those little buggers known as the armadillo. We crossed paths late one afternoon with Rich stopping our all-terrain and I placing one of those hot 210`s up the southbound end of a northbound "dillo"...Before I finish I want to say that lodging, food, people and hunting at the 5-F ranch were "4 Star" all the way. Good Christian folks are what you will find when you meet Patty and Lane Laning, the owner/operators of 5-F Ranch...


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Poster: Western Revolver    Date: 2017-03-06    Top

You and that 41 have had some great hunts. Great article James.
Poster: S.B.    Date: 2013-07-07   Top

Sounds like you and friends had a great time, James. Congrats! Steve
Poster: tracker77    Date: 2012-05-14    Top

Sounds like you 3 had a blast at the 5F. Awsome trophies for all. Great story James. Thanks again.
Poster: BBwheelgunner    Date: 2011-12-17   Top

Great story as usual James... that is the first look of an A-Frame after the business is done. Looks great! just like the pictures they post of them, and the weight retention is great to boot!
Poster: Muddy    Date: 2011-11-07    Top

Great write up as always James...thanks for sharing. My 41 has proven itself as a "dillo" getter too!
Poster: cfish2    Date: 2011-10-31   Top

Another fine write up on a terrific hunt. Congrats to all three!
Poster: KRal    Date: 2011-10-29    Top

Great hunt y'all had! Congrats to all of ya!
Poster: edwardkfolmar    Date: 2011-10-28   Top

james,good story,great ranch,super good time!!!

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