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A good start in Missouri
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Working Up A Load
Working Up A Load

Buffalo - with a h
Buffalo - with a handgun

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Maine bobcat

Free Ranging Texas
Free Ranging Texas Blackbuck And The 257 JDJ

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by a.k.a. 460man     Last updated: 2011-10-12 14:34:51

This season came fast for me. With a very unusual and trying year, I looked forward to some woods time to settle the nerves. I'd set out a patch of deer mineral 20 yards from my ladder stand on the edge of my pasture. I watch from the house and saw a decent six point cross in the evening and morning two days later. My fever was very high. Got off work early and came home, cleaned up , suited up and headed to the stand with my 460 XVR.

Up the ladder I went. The wind was perfect. The light rain started and I was hopeful.

Urban deer season is an antlerless season so I hoped the buck would give way to a nice freezer doe. One hour later here she came, right to the mineral patch. The Smith was loaded with 200 grain FTX Hornady loads. One shot with complete pass through and a nice blood trail, all 10 feet of it. I love this gun and this round. I've fired 4 shots at 4 deer from 20 to 80 yards with the same results,DRT. I truly believe 2 years of squirrel and rabbit management with a 12" contender in 22LR with a Simmons 3X9 rifle scope have really made the difference. Along with some quality 460 XVR practice.

First venison of the season,very tasty. Pictures did not come out well at all so I left them off in respect for the quarry. This handgun hunting is the greatest psychotherapy

in the world. Really enjoy this site. Very helpful to a newer handgunner. I think my long

guns are feeling neglected. Have a safe and successful season to all.


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Poster: 460man    Date: 2013-07-07    Top

DRT= dead right there
Poster: S.B.    Date: 2013-07-07   Top

DRT in your third paragraph(I even looked this one up on the internet acronym site I have bookmarked)? Steve
Poster: Boartuff    Date: 2012-01-06    Top

Venison. Its what's important. Congrats!
Poster: Rick    Date: 2011-10-31   Top

Congratulations on the hunt.
Poster: jamesfromjersey    Date: 2011-10-27    Top

The 460 is a high speed killer...
Poster: Muddy    Date: 2011-10-16   Top

Congratulations to a great start to the deer season. Most that I know that took part in the "urban" hunt did not do so well. Good Job!!! Dan

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