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The Missouri Expadition
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by James Swidryk a.k.a. jamesfromjersey     Last updated: 2010-10-25 15:52:16


This hunt began a year ago when Doc Rogers invited Ed Fomar and his wife Deena who then invited me. After meeting in Rolla, Missouri we headed to High Adventure Ranch with the Doctor wanting to take a Red Stag, Eddie and Deena both after female stag or hinds and I wanting a blackbuck. We paired up, with Doc and I going with David, the head guide,and Eddies crew going with Jeremy. A few hours into the morning we could hear a couple of shots and found out that both Ed and Deena took their hinds with Ed using his super accurate S&W PC-460 using Hornady`s excellent 200gr factory ammo and Dee shooting her Contender in 35 remington with a 180gr handload.


Back on the other side of this very large ranch the Doc and I were trying our best to locate the game we were after. The area was still very thick with brush and undergrowth and if an animal was 50 yards off the dirt road you could not see him. Lunchtime came and went and we were back in our truck along with Ed and Dee who were both finished hunting. As Dave crested a hill he came to a stop and quietly said "blackbuck" who was surprised by the truck. "Is he good" I asked,with Dave saying "take em". I rested my Freedom Arms model 83 in .41mag on the roof of the cab, centered the crosshair on the blackbucks chest as he faced me,and slowly squeezed the trigger sending a 210gr XTP screaming across 62 yards with the impact lifting the front legs of the buck off the ground afterwhich he fell to the ground.


My handload was taken from an article by John Taffin in the FACA journal when he tested the then new model 83 in .41mag. The load (for Freedom Arms guns only) had 22.0grs of AA#9 under the 210gr XTP with a CCI 350 mag primer sending the bullet at 1745FPS from a 10" barrel which is what I have on my M-83. This is a super accurate load from my gun putting 3 shots inside an inch, from the bench, at 100 yards


That was pretty much the end of day one with Doc Rogers still having to make a hit. After breakfest the next morning,the doctor, Dave and myself headed to another large section of the ranch where we immediatly spotted stag which raised our confidence level ten fold. Leaving the truck we proceeded to spot and stalk the game that took us up and down the heavily wooded hills of the ranch. Twice during this time the good doctor almost had a shot on two different occasions, but the thick vegatation kept the trigger from being squeezed. Coming down one of the hills, with the wind in our faces, we were able to put ourselves in the middle of a group of red stag that were bedded down and bellowing to each other. The only problem was we could not see them. After an hour of waiting the group began to move out without presenting a shot.


Back to the lodge for lunch afterwhich the doc broke out his heavy artillery in the form of an XP chambered in .375 by .284. His handload launched a 260gr AccuBond bullet at high velocity. My plans also changed with one of the guides taking me out for a boar and accompanied by Ed, Deena and doc`s wife Faye. I brought mt FA`s .41 and popped a mid size sow at 20yds with one of the 210gr XTP`s. The rest of the afternoon wore on and doctor Rogers still had not made a shot. With 30 minutes of remaining daylight we finally heard a distant shot which had doc placing one of his AccuBond bullets into a red stag at a distance of 142 yards. Thus ended our Missouri expedition.

note: I apoligize for not having any pictures of Ed and Deena with their game but not were avalable when this was written.


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Recent Comments:

Poster: Western Revolver    Date: 2017-06-27    Top

Wow!no wonder you love that gun so much. I've shot a lot of rifles that couldn't hold a group like that. Nice shooting.
Poster: S.B.    Date: 2012-07-08   Top

Too bad you didn't list contact info for this hunting lodge? Steve
Poster: tracker77    Date: 2012-04-13    Top

Great article James. Thanks for sharing with us. Thats a very nice goup and a fine looking FA. Great Blackbuck. Keep them coming.
Poster: Bisley Bud    Date: 2010-12-26   Top

James, Nice Blackbuck.I shot mine with the FA 41 210 XTP also. Bisley
Poster: dc74    Date: 2010-11-05    Top

great read james sounded like great hunt.
Poster: glynn41    Date: 2010-10-28   Top

wow good on all of you, thanks for the stories -- and love the cal. .41-- I may even post my spring hunt for boar
Poster: KRal    Date: 2010-10-28    Top

Congrats on an awesome hunt, James!

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