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Lucky then good

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by a.k.a. 460man     Last updated: 2010-01-05 22:46:26

I awaited opening day this year with the greatest expectation ever. This summer I upgraded to a Smith and Wesson .460 XVR with an 8 3/8 barrel. I had hunted many years with a bow, crossbow,and rifles. A few years ago I started to carry a 44 cal. black powder Remington Army pistol as a backup. It was fun to plink with but I never chose it over my rifle in the woods.

This year it all changed. I entered the dark woods with my tree stand on my back and the big .460 in my gold monogrammed S&W shoulder holster. Once in position in my stand, I filled the five big holes in the cylinder with Hornady 200 grain FTX factory loads. I was now ready.

the woods came alive as the sun rose. The temperature was very warm for November in SW MO. I began to hear gunshots in the distance increasing my excitement with each blast. Then it happened, the soft noise of a deer walking behind me to my left. I slowly turned my head and caught vision of a fork buck slowly moving behind me at about fifty yards. I turned in my stand as he passed behind the tree my climbing stand was on. He came out the other side behind some brush and a blown down tree. I had no good shot. Another fifteen yards and he would cross my doe P. scent trail I left as I came in to my tree. As he hit that smell he stopped and turned coming my way. At twenty yards he stopped. I pulled the trigger. the .460 XVR broke the silence of the woods. The bullet hit him in the left front shoulder destroying the bone. It made a two and one half inch hole as the bone fragments and bullet passed through the rib cage. Both lungs and the heart were shreded and the bullet exited out the rib cage on the far side leaving a one inch hole. In slow motion, my fork buck sat down like a German shepard and fell over. There would be not trailing this one.

It was awesome. I had my first handgun trophy. In all the excitement and anticipation of the hunt, I forgot the camera. I didn't get it on film, but I'll remember it for life.


Happy New Year to all,



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Poster: FPG in TN    Date: 2012-01-03    Top

NW Tennessee Just now came across your hunt with the S&W 460. I use the same for all my white tail hunting when legal to do so. Same amo as well, set a AmiPoint 9000 SC on top and they would be twins. Same results on this end, dead flat, easy tracking (ha). Just for "kicks" I also hunt with my S&W 357 mag 6" SS. That will also get the job done. The 460 two 4x4 one 5x5 and a healthy 4X3 with the 357. If you enjoy handguns try a T/C muzzle loader pistol ....... now that's fun during ML season took a nice doe with one.
Poster: pokemtman    Date: 2011-01-17   Top

Congrats the experience must have been awesome. I am looking forward to the same kind of thing next year.
Poster: tradmark    Date: 2010-06-10    Top

Poster: mikefrompa    Date: 2010-02-22   Top

Good shooting 460man! Awsome killing a deer with a handgun isn't it?
Poster: wheelguns    Date: 2010-01-29    Top

Great job,thanks for sharing your hunt with us.
Poster: jamesfromjersey    Date: 2010-01-16   Top

I`ve been in the same situation ,as you described in your story, that I felt like I was along side of you when you made your shot with your 460. If I was there I would have congratulated you with a handshake ans a well done which is what I`am saying now-Well Done-
Poster: Jeffx    Date: 2010-01-12    Top

Great story, I really like the part about no tracking after the shot. That 460 is one nice piece of equipment, and should handle all your handgun hunting needs.
Poster: MIHunter    Date: 2010-01-10   Top

Nice story! Next year don't forget the camera.

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