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by azbearhuntr     Last updated: 2009-11-07 18:06:33

A dream come true courtesy of Barnes

"Antelope!" I yelled as my dad quickly spun to look in the direction I was glassing. "Over there, about 500 yards away, I see two, no wait! 3 bucks!" We were hunting ranchland in south eastern Montana and the action was intense. The evening before I helped guide my friend within 200 yards of a decent buck and he made his first big game kill. Being new to the sport he had used a Remington 30-06 rifle and dropped it on his first attempt. I'd like to think all the practice and coaching I put him through was part of his success. I am the sort of person who likes pushing the envelope and seeks challenges as often as possible. This is how I arrived at handgun hunting. It has been a long ordeal and quest involving countless hours practicing with 38's, 44 mags, and finally the Ruger 454 Casull with 2x scope I eventually decided upon. I have practically wore out the tires of my pickup driving out to the desert near my home in Gilbert Arizona to practice at 100 yards from field positions until my confidence was high enough. Now here I am, stalking a herd of antelope and praying they don't decide to show of their marathon running skills. We are huddled behind a cow decoy on its maiden voyage and it seems to be working. 400 yards, 300 yards, 200 yards; I am not nervous but I am playing mind games with myself and fighting the urge to take a shot too far for comfort. Finally after what was 20 minutes but feels like 20 hours I am within 150 yards. I decide to leave the relative safety of the polyester cow and belly crawl to a low rise 25 yards ahead so I can shoot over the prarie grass. Once there I lay my pack in front of me and draw my pistol. I slowly cock the hammer and pick out a buck on the outer fringe of the herd but a doe with impeccable timing steps in front. A few tense moments later and I have a clear shot. As the trigger breaks I have that feeling it was a good hit and I can hear the whomp of the 250 grain Barnes XPB bullet strking. As the dust clears I see my personal trophy laying on the ground and the high fives begin. I think my dad and friend are just as, if not more, excited than I am and that makes this hunt even more memorable.


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Poster: jh41mag    Date: 2012-06-27    Top

Great story and great shot!
Poster: wildejager    Date: 2010-11-20   Top

Nice job! Love to hear the emphasis on practice, and from field positions to boot. Keep pushing that envelop, I'm sure your dad is proud of you and your efforts! I had my young son read you post. He shoots on a trap team here in MI and we are hoping to head out west next year to hunt Pronghorns as well.
Poster: az_shooter    Date: 2010-03-22    Top

I love hunting speedgoats with a wheelgun, especially on the plains of Eastern Montana. Congratulations!
Poster: SChunter    Date: 2009-12-30   Top

Fantastic! A goat with a wheelgun is tremendous trophy!
Poster: Jeffx    Date: 2009-12-22    Top

Congratulations on a Nice Goat, .454 yea nice.
Poster: KRal    Date: 2009-11-17   Top

Congrats! Great article.
Poster: Rick    Date: 2009-11-10    Top

Congrats on a great hunt.
Poster: rawhide kid    Date: 2009-11-09   Top

Great story, good pics. Congratulations.
Poster: Fry22    Date: 2009-11-08    Top

Great trophy and article reading this you finally made my mind up on getting a Ruger 454
Poster: H2OBUG    Date: 2009-11-08   Top

Great Job You have to love it when a plan comes together. Great doing it with a wheel gun
Poster: jamesfromjersey    Date: 2009-11-08    Top

Absolutly great hunt....I`am impressed with all the preperation you went through to finally get to that point where you had your 454 on your pack and made a great long range shot with your revolver. To take a nice buck like yours at that distance with a large bore revolver is an accomplishment that ranks high in handgun hunting.....
Poster: Russell    Date: 2009-11-08   Top

Congrats on the 'goat'! Good article.
Poster: Dan B.    Date: 2009-11-07    Top

Congratulations!! I did my first antelope hunt in October and had a blast!!
Poster: Gary    Date: 2009-11-07   Top

Congratulations on your pronghorn and a well-written article.

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