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Snowstorm boar
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by James Swidryk a.k.a. jamesfromjersey     Last updated: 2009-11-08 21:37:59

I recently asked a question on what guns and loads were preferred by the members for boar hunting.There was a reply by member 1948ER who said he liked his Ruger Bisley loaded with a 255gr Keith type SWC over a stiff charge of 24.0grs of 296. My memory automatically brought up images of a boar hunt some 10 years ago where I used almost the exact gun and load to take a 300 pounder.

I was in western Pennsylvania for the 3 day black bear hunt that was a bust and rather then leave empty handed I opted to try for a good size boar. In a shoulder holster was my FA`s 454 topped with a Leupold variable along with a Ruger Bisley with 4 5/8" barrel loaded with a 280gr SWC-GC bullet over 23.0grs of H-110.Let me add that firing this short barreled single action over that much powder was an "attention getter".

Much of the hunting area was on a hillside along with the fact that these boar kept a low profile due to hunting pressure which is why they hightailed it when they spotted us.All afternoon I chased them up and down the hill and just could not get a good shot.This went on until 4pm when the sky darkened and the snow began.This was fine until the wind kicked in blowing the flakes sideways.When I sat and tried to set up an ambush the wind blew the wet snow on the scope lenses where it immediately froze solid.I tried keeping my handkerchief over the scope but it didn't work because of the intensity of the storm.

When the sun finally set, the guide, myself and a rifle hunter piled into a small 4-wheel

"Mule" and started down the hillside having given up on the boar hunt. The storm was really howling as we crawled down along a non-visible dirt track when we reached the base of the hillside. Since I was seated on the far left I was able to see three or four dark shapes moving against the white snow which were the boar heading into the thickets. I signaled to stop where I bailed out, got into a kneeling position while drawing my Bisley and sighted in the best I could on the largest boar. At the shot all four legs flew out from under the boar as I looked on dumbfounded at my incredibly good luck.

My good luck was short lived as the boar pulled himself up on his front legs and began dragging himself through the tall brush. Let me say firing a short barreled single action with a heavy charge of H-110 in the dark does nothing to help your night vision. Its also an experience to try and eject your empties and load a single action, with gloves on, while trailing a wounded boar in the dark through heavy brush. This all comes to a happy ending with the boar pulling himself into a pile of dead-falls that gave him nowhere to go. As I made my way to him, he turned to face me that allowed for a shoulder shot that rolled him on to his back and ended the chase.


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Poster: Western Revolver    Date: 2017-03-14    Top

Classic sixgun and a hard cast bullet. Old Elmer Keith would be proud.
Poster: campbellkids    Date: 2012-02-27   Top

H110 rules!
Poster: Wyatt 545    Date: 2011-12-04    Top

Poster: mikefrompa    Date: 2010-02-22   Top

Poster: rawhide kid    Date: 2010-01-06    Top

Couldn't help noticing your Bisley front sight. Looks very much like the one Gary Reeder uses on the Keith #5. Nice hunt.
Poster: rawhide kid    Date: 2009-11-09   Top

Good story, nice pics. Always enjoy reading about one of your hunts. Keep up the good work.
Poster: Russell    Date: 2009-11-08    Top

Great story! That 296 load is my favorite .45 Colt cast bullet load and is accurate in my Bisley. Never had it fail when I kept 'em in the front 1/3rd.

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