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by a.k.a. cottonstalk     Last updated: 2009-11-08 21:38:59

Blown Away

I myself like to be educated,and love to read, sometimes to a fault. As a kid,because my father was a Vietnam veteran,and my hero,I read everything I could get my hands on about the war. I did at least 8-10 term papers and many essays on the subject. Long guns were the same way. Every article I could read on this caliber and that and what it could do and every new fangled wild cat caliber,ammunition,optics I studied it all. Handgunning has been the same. This site,Hal Swiggets writings,Elmer Kieths books,as well as many others has educated me on the subject.

But you know it wasn't until I entered the U.S.Navy that I put all the military studdies to use, and I learned more about myself and my father's life during that time, than any other. It gave me a great deal of respect for all who put on a uniform of any kind for our country. Same goes with the long guns.I bought and traded and sold many long guns because of things I read or heard.It wasn't until I really started shooting that I came into my own preferences and abilities.When I say shooting a few friends and I were shooting 100+ rounds a week,for over a year. It was an expensive study of long guns but the lessons learned will forever remain with me.

Handgun hunting for me has started the same way. I have read and researched every caliber recommended by anyone on the subject. I am still new and I feel easily influenced by those with more experience and knowledge. But I am just now starting to come a little into my own. I have shot thousands of rounds and dry fired practiced to the point of dreaming about it.Calibers have come and gone,and I am sure a few more will.

I have done some extensive test with several. I know others have done all the same stuff before, but tightening the reign and seeing for yourself what your capabilities are is the only answer. Getting out there and doing things instead of reading about them is better for you and way more fun. Practicing until every thing becomes second nature. Don't limit yourself by others capabilities,because I have seen others do things I could hardly believe, and have done things I myself couldn't believe even though I was doing them. Pushing yourself into the action,and pushing yourself to be better,is the only answer for me.

This is a hobby, a passion, and for others a way of life. Don't get caught up in all the lights and sounds and all the information that comes with it, getting out there and seeing for yourself where you stand or you could be blown away by information overload. After all seeing not reading is believing.


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Poster: SChunter    Date: 2010-01-14    Top

Cotton, Just found this article - great points! With all our responsibilities and less and less time afield, I find myself getting mired in the details of it all...sometimes it's best to just get out and DO IT!
Poster: jamesfromjersey    Date: 2009-11-08   Top

Cotton, Your thoughts are enlightening...let me add that life is short and you should take every chance you can to pursue what you enjoy.James

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