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Gerry and Mike's Elk Hunting adventure
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by Gerry vonBlohn (Bullelk Hunter) a.k.a. Bullelk Hunter     Last updated: 2009-11-04 22:22:08

Gerry and Mike’s Colorado Adventure by Bull Elk Hunter

This adventure began many long months ago in a very different way. Mike (SSP Hunter) was relatively new to the website and was viewing the bragging board and asking questions about handgun hunting. My pictures came up along with some information on my hand cannons, namely the custom 16” 375Holland and Holland magnum, and the small 16” howitzer named after Mr. Rigby. After numerous PM’s and then emails about them, the conversation eventually led to hunting Elk and other game. We shared many stories about Elk, Deer and Antelope in N. Dakota, Montana, and Colorado. Mike lives north of the border in Manitoba and can’t hunt with a handgun of any sort; they’re dangerous you know?

Anyway, as conversations go, we talked extensively about my excursions into the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness and Mike became more and more interested. He seemed like a nice guy and had spent many previous days crossing the border just so he could hunt with his TC in the Dakota’s. You see, Canada does not allow handgun hunting because handguns are dangerous! I figured he couldn’t be all bad so we exchanged telephone numbers and the excitement began. After a few long conversations with him, I extended an invitation to drive down and join my group for an Elk hunt. He accepted and the rest is history except now I had another problem; one of my regulars backed out so I had an additional spot to fill. Mike asked about it and requested he bring a friend to help with his driving and expenses. I agreed and we set the plan in motion; his friend Glenn was going to join us, Tika 300 Win mag and all.

The adventure began on the Wednesday night before the start of 2nd Rifle. I knocked on the motel door and was met by a burley round Manitobian that talked funny, eh? Glenn was all cozy and dreary eyed but woke for a few minutes anyway to meet Charlie and me. I slept on the floor; they gave Charlie the cot with a blanket! I know knew some paybacks were due!

Thursday morning we woke, showered, and ate breakfast at the Antler Inn in Walden and prepared to go find a spot to camp. The early high snow dictated that we cancel our horses and change plans earlier in the week. My friend who was scouting for me during 1st rifle got snowed on for 4 straight days with almost 3 ½’ of that lovely white powder. He moved down and camped into the area where we were now going. We set the tent and camp and started to gather wood for the stove. It was hard work gathering pre-cut wood left from the 1st season!! This hunt was going to be easy on Mike and Glenn. We bought water, not filter it, and camped near the trucks. On Friday, my two other friends from Pa., Greg and Steve, drove in with a broken front hub and we had to taxi him to see Mr. NAPA man in Walden to fix it. Done! We drove around a little bit and looked at some maps and showed them where we would be walking into in the morning. No names of the area are shared here to protect my hunt area but if you know Sheep Mountain…. It is typical with streams, swamp, Aspen, tall pines and blow downs and lots of Elk tracks. Friday night I got sick; the abdominal flu type and could barely move Saturday morning. We planned to hunt in pairs as always for safety, but I had Greg drop my partner off where in a designated spot so I could meet him later. Greg stationed Mike and Glenn in one of my favorite spots and Glenn missed a standing broad side, 5x 5 Bull mid-mornings with 5 or 10 shots at ~100 yards. He was using the rifle, eh? Mike didn’t see the Elk but got down and smelled the tracks anyway to see if it was still rutting. Mike sniffed and snorted and bugled and then peed all over himself. The boys from Manitoba sure now how to have fun hunting!!

All kidding aside, they did get to see some Elk, 5 Bull moose and 2 cows, but we really never did catch up to the larger Elk herds. A few guys from Minnesota decided to drive, hoping and hollering, the 9 square mile area near us and the Elk shut down and went completely nocturnal. Early morning and early evening activity was a complete standstill.

I took a chance with inviting Mike and Glenn since I didn’t really know them, but now I think I have two really good friends who are invited to join me anytime. All of my experiences with meeting handgun hunters and shooters on this site have been very rewarding. Dan B’s crew is just a small example of how much fun guys with like interest can have. Mike and Glenn are another example. I hope they decide to join me again next year, eh? I just have to remember to bring my tooque!


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Poster: jamesfromjersey    Date: 2009-11-08    Top

Gerry, I know you had a good time, James
Poster: KRal    Date: 2009-11-06   Top

That's cool. Sounds as if it was an exciting trip. Always good to meet and hang out with folks with like interest.

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