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Two old hunts


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by Ty Chatell a.k.a. MIHunter     Last updated: 2008-09-08 17:49:24

2005 was the first deer season that I hunted exclusively with a handgun. I had a .44 mag Ruger Super Redhawk. After taking my first buck that season with a handgun I was hooked on handgun hunting more than ever.

That same year I read a review at about the Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter in .45 Long Colt and really wanted to get one. Well, my wife surprised me with it as a gift for our anniversary. I immediately took the gun to MagnaPort and had a trigger job and some cosmetic work done to ďmake it my ownĒ. After getting the gun back, I topped it off with an Ultra Dot Red Dot Sight and a few boxes of Corbon Ammo. (With a 3 year old and a newborn I have enough trouble finding time to shoot and hunt so I havenít even attempted to load my own ammo yet.)

November 15th finally rolled around, the annual holiday in Michigan known as opening day of the firearms season. Bow hunting had been somewhat slow, only a few small bucks were spotted. I have permission to hunt on 2 properties and chose to go the property that my dad and I lease together. The morning started out cool and calm. As 8:00 AM approached with no deer sightings and hardly any shots being heard in the area I began to think I picked the wrong property. Then around 8:30 the parade started. Between 8:30 and noon I saw over 30 bucks and does combined, but nothing was bigger than a 6 six pointer. I even witnessed 4 different small bucks chasing one poor worn out doe through the woods, but I still held out for something a little bigger.

Between 12:30 and 2:30 no deer showed themselves so I had time to eat a little lunch. After eating I called my dad on the radio to check his luck. We hunt about 150 yards apart in the same wood lot. My dad said he saw 1 buck but could not get a shot at him. When I told him I had seen over 30 deer I donít think he believed me.

At 2:30 the deer began to move again with several does and smaller bucks moving through the area. Iím sure that some of the deer were the same ones I had seen earlier. At 4:00 PM my dad had to leave for the night. A short time later I had a couple of does out in front of me and a 4 point. I looked over to my right and an 8 pointer was on his way over to check out the does. The buck came within 20 yards; I put the red dot on him and pulled the trigger. He went about 25 yards and fell over within sight. I just collected my second buck with a handgun; I was very excited and happy. I called my dad on the cell phone and told him what happened. He rushed back out and helped me get my buck out of the woods.

The next day it rained hard all day so I did not get back out. The following morning I could not hunt, I had parenting duties to attend to. My dad hunted my stand since thatís where all the deer seemed to be hanging out. I told him I would be out in the afternoon and would hunt what ever stand he was not in. When I arrived at the property I called my dad on the radio. He said he had hunted my stand all morning but never saw a deer. He was now in his ground blind where he sat opening day. I told him I would go back to my stand.

Once at my stand I set my backpack down and grabbed a can of deer scent. As I was walking towards a tree to spray it on I looked to my left and there was a 6 pointer standing at 20 yards just looking at me. The deer was between my dadís blind and my stand. I took a couple of slow steps towards him hoping to drive him towards my dad. The deer took off running the opposite direction and was stumbling very badly. The deer ran a short distance and lay down, his front leg was broken. The brush was thick and I could not get a shot. I worked my way around looking for a shot, but the deer was gone. I continued a slow stalk through the woods hoping the deer did not go far before lying back down. I went approximately 50 yards and located the buck bedded up by a log. I worked my way within about 40 yards by keeping a tree between us. I took aim and shot. The deer jumped up and ran. I walked over to where he was bedded and found hair and blood. My dad made his way over to me and we took up the trail. We located the buck bedded back down and another shot put him down for good. I had now collected 3 bucks in 2 years with my handgun. I wonder what handgun I should ask for next year.


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Poster: Scott B    Date: 2017-12-31    Top

Great job following up on the wounded one. Scott B.
Poster: jamesfromjersey    Date: 2008-12-21   Top

The only way to go....
Poster: dertiedawg    Date: 2008-09-09    Top

Poster: Tigger    Date: 2008-09-06   Top

The first couple of handgun deer are cool!! I like you idea of a new handgun each year!! :)
Poster: Rick    Date: 2008-09-06    Top

Awesome hunts.

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