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by By Matt Rosamilia Submitted by Gary a.k.a. Gary     Last updated: 2008-12-20 13:37:02

Member Matt Rosamilia sent this note along with the picture and I thought I would share it with the rest of the members and visitors here at Handgun Hunter Magazine. Matt's experience on his first handgun deer is much like the passion the rest of us experience who enjoy this sport so much.

I'm Hooked!!

I've always been drawn to shooting and hunting with a handgun. I always carry one with me when hunting and hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. However, I never had a good shot and when I did, I always seem to grab the rifle instead due to the fact of the distance being excessive or adrenalin rush of the deer running. I WILL NOT risk injury of the deer. Anyhow, last year I had a 1,100 Lb. train wheel fall on my foot at work and I am a hunting fanatic so, when using a cane to walk with, I found that carrying a rifle while using a cane is an awful setup so, I put the Freedom Arms 454 Casull with a Leupold 2.5-8X EER and SSK T'SOB mount in a shoulder holster on. I took this doe I know it's not a 8 or 10 point wallhanger but this doe got me so fired-up about the sport that I'll probably never reach for my rifle again!! She was full tilt running right at me and stopped about 30-40 yards broadside. A perfect setup! I squeezed one shot and when the recoil caused the gun to raise in the air, so did she. She went straight up in the air and landed on her back and never even twitched. I never seen impact like this before!! I used a Hornady 300 grain XTP close to max load at about 1700 fps. It did not do excessive damage to the meat, just about a half inch hole going in and busting both shoulders and exited with about an inch hole. Anyhow, your websight or "online magazine" got me fired up and educated enough to start hunting primarily with a revolver. Thank you for making this available and please keep it up and the next time I write, I'll send a picture of a true trophy because now I'm hooked!!

Matt Rosamilia

It's Addictive

I have a saying, "The easiest way to kill a deer with a handgun is to leave your rifle at home." I told Matt, even a doe taken with a handgun can be a trophy, especially if it's your first handgunned deer. Matt is proud of his first deer with a handgun and should be; the challenge of handgun hunting is addictive. I'm sure Matt will be showing us some fine handgun kills in the future.

Congratulations Matt!



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Recent Comments:

Poster: Scott B    Date: 2017-12-31    Top

Any handgun kill is a trophy. Big congrats on a fine doe! Scott B.
Poster: drweld1    Date: 2010-11-16   Top

Congrats Matt, Can't wait to get out with my XVR 460 this weekend here in Tennessee. First time out with handgun for deer. Crossbow, CVA and Rem 7mm are fine and noble wepons but a handgun in the brush is a challange. Next step on my bucket list is a "hog" with my hand cannon. Hopefully I will post images early next week. Frank G
Poster: wheeler45    Date: 2010-01-13    Top

Welcome Matt. Any animal ethically taken is a trophy. To do so with a handgun enhances the experience and satisfaction. Tony
Poster: hunter Jim    Date: 2009-10-01   Top

Great job Matt!! I can reflect the same feelings, my 1st handgun buck with a s/w 357. It opened up a whole new world of hunting almost 30 yrs ago. I agree any deer with a handgun is a trophy to cherish and savor the moment. Hunter JIM.
Poster: LShull    Date: 2009-06-17    Top

Congrats Matt, I am new to this site, but have been a faithfull handgun hunter for over 25 yrs and LOVE IT!!! There are a lot of common misconseptions about the effectiveness of a hundgun over a rifle but most of the people who say they limit the shooting distance to about 50 yds have not seen todays technology in hanguns. I was have JD Jones building guns for me since 1981 and member of HHI and have always enjoyed the sport. Again Congrats on the 1st deer. Lee Shull
Poster: JohnsGuideServic    Date: 2009-01-29   Top

shoot yea!......besides Matt, as much as everyone loves lookin at them, i still havent after 40 years found a decent recipe for antlers! i recently picked up an 8 3/8" S&W 500 to hunt elk with (i already have several big-bore contenders) and love it. good luck next year!
Poster: Rick    Date: 2008-12-23    Top

Matt, Any game legally taken with a handgun is a trophy. It does not have to be an 8 or 10 pointer to make the "trophy" catagory. Just taking the animal with a handgun with the limitations imposed when hunting with a handgun puts all game into the trophy catagory. Congratulations on an excellent handgun harvest. Rick
Poster: Mikewin    Date: 2008-12-21   Top

Matt, I also kind of know how you feel. I took my first game with a handgun this last November ( and I'm already planning for new hunts this spring. It's truly addictive. I'm a .44 fan though but of course, the .454 is a great cartridge. best, Mike
Poster: jamesfromjersey    Date: 2008-12-20    Top

This is one of the few times in life that I`am able to say that "I know how you feel". I experienced the same feelings many years ago, and like you will do,I never looked back.Let me also add that you could have not had a better steup then your FA`s 454,along with your choice of scope,mount and handload.You and your 454 have many more days ahead in the field. Good luck,James

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