Started the season out Saturday with the 35 Rem and the .45 Colt. Missed a coyote Sunday at 100 with the .35 ,one of those days when I couldn't hold minute of coyote. Switched to the Striker.308 today. I shot them all last week to check zero and the .308 did 1/2 in.for 3 shots with the cold bore shot,only shot it 3 shots. This morning while loading in the stand it felt different. A further check showed a broken, bolt head retainer pin ,3rd one,2nd since last year. Seventy miles from home so no quick fix. Love the gun but sure did want to throw it out of the tree at that time ,[didn't] Fixed now so it goes back out tomorrow with an extra pin stowed in the stock.
Just deal with it and get on with the season.