Despite having received both my MGM 327 and 460 Encore barrels a while ago, I haven't yet had many opportunities to shoot either of them. One thing that's been causing me to put them off has been the issue of breaking in the barrels. With the 460 barrel being one of my dream builds, one I plan on holding onto for a while, I especially want to make sure I do everything properly. MGM recommends a break-in procedure consisting of cleaning thoroughly between every shot for 15 rounds, then every 3-5 shots for every 50 rounds. That's going to be a bit time consuming.

What I've begun to wonder though is, is such a break in procedure necessary? The 460 isn't exactly a benchrest cartridge, and even on paper targets I'll probably only shoot it to 250, maybe 300 yards at most. I don't know, maybe I should just buckle up and get it done, even if it takes a while. What do you guys think?
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