Took the beagles up north to run hare yesterday. Started out at 33 degrees and temp dropped down to 19 by the time we were done hunting.

I always bring my Cur dog with me.

A couple years back, he tangled with a quill pig and lost. Now he hates them and when he winds them, he tries to find them and bay them up. He got us on 3 porcupines yesterday. A lot of houndsman are happy there are three less porcupines now.

Took the porcupines with my .32 mag
First one was a small one. but the gun is about two feet above it hanging on a branch stub so the size isn't to scale

Second was quite a bit bigger

Third one was nestled in the base of the tree and never came out.

Darn things chew on bark.

Tools of the trade while hare hunting

Cold cur dog wearing my jacket
NRA life member
Let's go make some memories