Found a most interesting collection of home made bullet boards. The maker is nameless but between 1956 to 58 he used a S&W M-24 1950 Target .44 Special w/6 1/2" barrel and shot his handloads into water soaked paper at 15ft.. He lathe cut 24- 30/40 Krag solid head cases that he formed and sized. Five different bullets were used. The cast bullets were made using Ideal/Lyman bullet molds. Primer`s were Rem 2 1/2 with 18.5grs of 2400 powder. The bullets were: 1) #429421 238gr HP- 2) #429421 250gr SWC-
3) #429244 258gr SWC/GC- 4) #429507 250gr LSWC- Zinc Base Harvey
Prot-X 5) Sierra 240gr JHP. The lead mixture was 20;1 while the Harvey was pure lead..... One of the 250gr LSWC was recovered from a bear...
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