Finally had another chance to break away and spend some me time in the woods. So I set the folding lawn chair behind the cattle gate on the edge of the field and draped the camouflage burlap tarp over the bars. With the 7.62 X 39 Encore resting in my lap, let the hunt begin. I was setting for about fifteen minutes when the first doe entered the field. Followed closely by another young doe and a small spike buck. The young doe and spike worked their way off the field and the first doe also enters the woods. About thirty minutes pass and two does enter the field trailed by the Crazy Seven. This guy appears to have been hit by a car when he was in velvet. His left antler showed potential to be a nice half of a sizable eight pointer, but the right antler had been broken off about four inches above the base. Before long, the remainder started to sprout a couple more points, one of which is a three inch long drop tine that closely hugs his forehead. He worked his way back and forth across the bottom of the field and got to 60 yards away when the wind began to shift. The closest doe caught my wind and began to act nervous. It was now or never. At the shot, Crazy Seven ran just inside the edge of the woods and sank down in some soft grass. Twenty minutes later and I had him out on the edge of the field for a few pics. All in all, it was another great hunt.

Semper Fi
Big Bore Handgun Hunter