So here's the deal... Im looking for a side arm to go with my hunting handgun (CVA rechambered to 444 Marlin). I am going to get a GP100 Match champion. But I do not know if I want the 357 or the new 10mm that was just released.

As of today I do not reload and ammo from Midway is about the same price either way 38/357 vs 40/10mm. So ammo cost is not a deciding factor for me.

From on paper hot 10mm and hot 357 are only 10-30 FPS difference on muzzle velocity for same weight bullets.

Like I said im set on the GP 100 Match Champion so I dont want a glock or 1911 or any other option. Just dont know which caliber to get in this one. (unfortunately both is not an option)

Intended purpose:
Hunting/Hunting side arm
Woods bumming
Occasional carry

Lets hear it...