Since getting some suggestions i have cleaned up some plastic from the pillars, checked the free float on the tang. made adjustments where needed re-tourqed the action bolts and headed to the range to confirm drops to 300 yards on my old police range. Shooting off a bipod with a small bag under the grip off the ground prone, I shot the cold bore shot and it was dead center up and down but right an inch. after having it off the stock i didn't think it would be that close. made some adjustments and sighted it 2.25" high at 100 for a 200 yard zero and moved back to confirm the zero. shot a 1.5" group dead center so the 200 yard zero was confirmed. then moved to 300, three shots in 3.5 inches. two were in an inch and the wind got me on the 3rd shot.
Had an old burlap covered antelope decoy that was pretty busted up so it became a 2d target. sent 3 down range as fast as i could work the bolt and get on target and came away with a 3.5" group. very acceptable. Stelok program has me at 8.5" of drop at 300 yards however real world drop at 300 yards was 6.5". I am assuming the difference is because of the VLD bullet. anyway as far as the setup goes it is ready for antelope.
Thank you all for the suggestions