I recently scored a brand new, in the box, 10" Octagonal T/C Contender barrel chambered in 45 Colt.

This barrel has not been reamed to 410, and I got it for a song from ebay.

With the external straight rifled choke tube removed, the remaining ported barrel is only 8", and very light.

I modified the factory forend to accept the single point attachment on the barrel. To my surprise, the barrel is fully free floated with my modification. Lucky me.

I also replaced the original rear sight with the newest style rear sight.

The only complaint I've read about these barrels is that the recoil is excessive compared to it's same length bull barrel counterpart.

I cant wait to get a chance to shoot it. I believe I'll start with standard 45 Colt loads, before trying any of the heavy loads.

Does anyone else have any experience with these older octagon barrels?

It's hard to see to octagon barrel with the forend swallowing it up.

Semper Fi
Big Bore Handgun Hunter