Ok, so there's a good young man I know, who happens to be a teacher but also is a non denominational Pastor, not just Sundays but Wednesdays as well. Most guys who want something extra have an opportunity to go out and do a little extra work for it. This man does not since he spends all his time preparing for and ministering to others. He does all his giving and then some so I wonder if maybe we as a group might could give some back. He has been asked by his school superintendent to go to gunfighting school and learn the ins and outs to be able to intervene in the case of a school shooting. I have reached out to some industry friends and am being assisted by Rob Leahy and Dick Thompson (if you get a duplicate message) to try and raise some funds so we don't send our Pastor to a gunfight with a fire extinguisher. If you could spare a 10 or a 20 I would really appreciate it. Our Pastor will remain nameless at this time. You guys have already trusted me with so much I am sure you can trust me with 10 or 20 more bucks. I would appreciate it if we could keep this all via PM or text message me or call. Thanks fellas, you guys have my total appreciation for always being there for me! Send what you can to me, here's my address. I can also use new or practice AR15 magazines, A set of small base .223 dies, things like that. Last, if you don't have me programmed into your phone, please do so and let me know if I can ever be of any service.

Fermin Garza
4038 Kevin Drive
Corpus Christi Texas 78413
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