Anyone around here have one?? I'm gonna order one for the SBH BisHunter. He custom makes them for your gun. I emailed pics to Von and will mail him a tracing of my gun and payment tomorrow. I talked to a guy here at a gunshow a couple weeks ago who said it;s the best holster he's ever had and it took him 20 years to find it. He says that with the wrap around design it's form fitting and doesn't flop around. Very easy to get on a off when taking off your coat, etc. Not a bunch of straps to fool with.

Here's a pic Von emailed of one with what looks like a redhawk. Notice the buttons on the strap. You could tighten it up and raise it higher. I think this pic gives the illusion that it is larger than it really is.

Wyoming Combination Holster

My 45 Colt BisHunter

Here's another pic from Ringlers website.

And a couple from Dustin Linebaugh's site for sixguns without a scope. It looks like this one's been carried some.

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