Date....not yet determined. NOTE...DATE HAS BEEN SELECTED....APRIL 27!! Likely the last weekend in April. The weather seems to work well for us on this weekend and most hunters are thinking about turkey's, not bench shooting.

Location...Jackson Twp Rod and Gun Club. Range location is along Route 22 about 6-7 miles east of the Route 22 and Route 56 intersection. If you Yahoo Maps Armagh, PA (zip is 15920) you will see the intersection.

If you are heading east bound: After about 5-6 miles from the noted intersection you will start up a significant incline in the roadway and the road will become a three lane (or a five lane...but there will be tree going up and two going down the hill). About half way up the hill, the road will plateau then begin another incline. As you start up the second incline the road will also curve to the left. The range sets on the west bound side of the road but you must proceed passed the range (divided highway) and take the first exit to the right. Loop around the ramp, over the bridge then proceed to go west bound (down the hill) and the range will then be on your right.

If you are heading west bound: The range is about 12 miles from the small town of Ebensburg. There will be a red light on Route 22 with a "Wendy's" and Comfort Inn on the right side and heavy equipment sales on the left side. From this light is when the range is about 12 miles. After a period of maybe 10 miles you will pass through a blinking yellow at the top of a hill, proceed through a dip in the road then across a long flat section. As you begin to drop down the hill you will see an overpass. The range entrance will about a quarter mile passed the overpass on the right side. If you miss the entrance, proceed down the hill to a turn around and follow the dirctions for arriving via eastbound!

Accommodations: I've offered to give a free night stay at a local Comfort Inn to anyone driving a distance for the shoot...reward points have priviledges! This offer is still valid. So please let me know ASAP if you would like to use this offer so I can make arrangements. You can also tent in my yard if that's more your flavor.

Food: Lunch will be provided by my lovely wife. Likely chicken and macaroni salad. I'll also have a case or two of water on hand. If you would like anything else please feel free to bring it along...other than alky or booze! Leave those at home.

Cost: Nothing! This is a fun shoot...and strictly that! We'll be shooting steel plates and water filled jugs from 150yds to 500yds and targets from 25yds to 500yds. If you feel inclined, you can throw something in a kitty pot for the club or to cover food...totally your decision. You are arriving as my guests and are required to pay nothing.

The only concern is that this is a club range and other shooters may be present...but rarely! The past attendees can attest to that! Likely the range (four cement benches) will be ours. A sizeable dirt flat next to the benches for field style shooting is available.

Time: Same as last year..."Official" time is 10AM. I'll likely be there by 8:30 to start setting jugs and freshly painting the steel plates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post on this thread or PM me. I'll provide my phone number thru PM also if so desired.

Link to last year's pics

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