Hello All
So I'm relatively new to the revolver game and have some questions. I have a GP100 in 357 and Super Redhawk in 454 that I enjoy shooting and feel like they both fit my hands well. I have shot a friends blackhawk (standard grip)in 44 mag and really don't like shooting it. The bottom of the grip ends about a half inch short of the edge of my palm so with every shot, the sharp edge of the grip digs into my hand. I can take a couple shots and then i'm done with it (she is too as it does the same thing to her hands). I wear 2XL gloves in the winter and tight XL shooting gloves.

My question for the group is- Would a the Ruger Bisley grips fit my hand better and be a better shooting experience for me or should I stick to larger gripped guns?

There is a 45 colt Blackhawk Bisley available locally that I am interested in.