Although I don't use factory ammo, I witnessed the performance of this ammo and thought it would be beneficial for the hunters that don't hand load. A friend of mine that I got hooked on handgun hunting three years ago, used this ammo to kill his fourth hand-gunned deer. He was using a Bisley Hunter with a 4x Leupold attached.

He killed this deer from the same place I killed a deer a couple weeks ago using my FA M83 44mag.

He was sitting in the same spot and the deer came up the same trail and he shot it in the same fashion as I did (frontal shot). His deer feel 15 yards from where mine fell.

Now for the ammo review. He made a frontal shot on the deer at 25 yards. Upon cleaning the deer, we found that the bullet was just shy of full penetration. The bullet was found in the rear of the right tender loin, just up against the pelvic bone. The bullet seems to have penetrated straight and deep and looked picture perfect.

We have not shot any through the chronograph, but Winchesters website list 1250 fps - no barrel length given.
I know this is a small sample, but first impressions is this is some great hunting ammo for the non-hand load.
If I didn't know better....I'd say this was an old black talon bullet with nickel plating instead of Teflon coating.

I apologize for not weighing the bullet, but from the looks of it, I'd say it retained 95-100% of the original weight.
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