wiseguy- i think you will enjoy it. it is low impact on the property. no wandering around or pushing. they want everyone to have the chance at success. my wife dawn has a lung issue and cant run the mountains. Tony was great about being mindful of letting her rest after coming up the hills before going on. we had three stalks- one was no opportunity as they just disappeared. the other two resulted in dead elk. I will highly suggest that you practice ALOT from the standing position from a set of bogpod sticks or your own variation of it. I figured out after the second stalk that most shots are 100 yards or more and it happens fast. had time to settle in but the elk were not out in the open so had to stand to shoot. my brother missed three shots from 150-234 with a rifle. he doesnt practice off sticks, but he already booked for next year and has bought stick already to start practicing from. We enjoyed this hunt alot, good food, good guides, nice bunkhouse. if we were looking for another elk hunt, Tony would be our guy. you can pm if you have any more questions. btw he will do everything possible to get you in handgun range if you are committed to taking one that way. he split us up one handgunner and one rifle shooter so we could double if the chance arose. i would recommend him 100%.