I normally vacate the city on New Year?s Eve, no desire to deal with the poor decisions of others. This year was no different, so down to S. Texas we went. Walking out to my stand in the predawn light I spotted a large black figure snout down gobbling up corn. The light was too bad for me to use my Win 71, so out of the pack came my 357max. I ranged him at 133yds, then slowly walked in another 20 or so, until I ran out of what little cover there was. Slipped into a prone position and used my binoculars as a rest. I held midway up his torso and the gun went off with the sights where I wanted them. At the shot, his butt dropped and he slumped down with his forelegs holding him for a split second then he collapsed. I figured I had caught his spine, and that was fine with me, as I didn?t have to go look for him in the thorns. The bullet angled forward from behind the ribs, broke 4 of them and then came to rest in the spine, total of about 15-18? of penetration. The shield on the pig was about an inch to slightly thicker where the bullet entered and considering the distance, impact velocity and damage I?m pleased with the terminal performance. I guessed his weight at 280-300 pounds which is about as big as they get on this ranch. He had nice teeth and looked like he had had a run in with some dogs as his right ear was shredded and would not rest in its normal erect position. Pics are on the bragging board. [img]http://http://www.handgunhunt.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=10842&limit=recent[/img]

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